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God! Sorry, I haven’t blogged in what seems like ages!?! I’ve just been preoccupied, busy, working, and enjoying life. I’ve been ace, rushy and living…yet also spending my free time adoring every minute of being ‘Mama’ and enjoying my time getting to bond with a being on the phone and i never ever do that, meaning my bond with this being must be pretty damn great. I mean, you never know in life  why or how you end up meeting or speaking to someone. How your life paths end up bumping into one another’s, joining or meandering, do you? Yet the point is that you should enjoy it, whilst it does and not because it will not always be that way, but simply because it’s just important to remember to enjoy moments. I love moments and enjoy every inch of them. Yet I guess, you know when something matters because it becomes a priority, something you crave or something you are excited about. However, if you can feel that excitement, yet it still feels normal, as in that’s the way it always should or has been…then you’re winning. I think? But fuck it what do i know? I once woke up with a traffic cone celotaped to my head. All, i’m going to say is that i i’m mentally stimulated…and that’s never really happened to me before..and i’m getting to be myself and i always think i’m a lot different to how someone may pervieve me form looking at a picture.


I don’t even know where I left off? I just know that i’ve worked all week, and even though i had the Monday and Tuesday work blues, today was amazing. I love working and i love the people that I work amongst. It truly is one big Wunnaful family and it makes work so much more ‘worth it.’  The beginning of the week is always shit for me as it takes me some time to warm up, hence why Monday’s are hard…but only because I make the most of my weekends. I never want the fun to come to a fullstop. Yet they say, everything needs to be punctuated in order to make sense? I mean, someone queried why we even worked today? Yet we do it because we need to. It’s for money, a sense of value, some kind of structure and discipline, passion, wanting to better ourselves and for balance.

Mother’s day, went well. Saturday I made a random trip to London again, just to get of Yorkshire and so a fabulous cocktail hour at The GNH hotel. (The best cocktails in all the land.) But that will all come in my next blog. that i’m going to dedicate to the GNH and simply because they are DIVINE and my utter accidental discovery. But yes…I did London again last Saturday, but made it home that night, drunk on a train for a Sunday in Yorkshire, with my MUM and my Babies. Don’t be drunk on a long train journey home with no one but weirdos to talk to, it’s tedious and makes you feel awkward when you want to gip.

Anyway…Mother’s day..I ended up treating the ENTIRE Wunna Clan to lunch in the name of love and appreciation and it felt amazing. We did China Palace in Doncaster..because well…we would. Lol And We had a giant dim sum and dem sum Mother’s day…from the oldest Wunna to the baby..which is Junior. I treated everyone and it was wonderful.

All that was followed by shopping and one on one love with my Mama…but the weekend just flew by too quickly. I needed an extra day added to it.

But whatever i’m back at work now and loving it. I’m also loving Mama time, as Ruby and I had ‘girls night’ the other evening and Junior and I had ‘cuddle night’ the following. 🙂

I did oddly walk through crowds of ginger children today,which means they are taking over the world. I also have a friend asking to be my real life ‘slave,’ a new social life, the most interesting phone conversations in all the land, that I constantly crave….the best children, a love for ginger beer, a talent for writing my name out in sweets…and talks about what I believe love is…

..and know that i know a lot about love and relationships. Right now…i feel happy.

This is just the tonight ‘check in’ blog as I’m knackered from work. I have the big GNH cocktail blog a coming, but i’m just too tired to write it now. I’m shattered.

What i’ve learnt about love and I is that it is important for me to be mentally stimulated. I’m a very loving girly and i’m one who believes in fun..yes…yet with the basic normal traditional values of love, marriage and commitment. Building a bond and a friendship is the key to success, when it comes to the forever, type true love.

When yo do that and you have that, you have everything and can conquer the world.

Right, i’m off to bed now.

Sorry for the very BRIEF check in. I love you.


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