7 thoughts on “Queens of Greatness”

  1. the last picture pretty much is stereotypical wunna for me 🙂

    also… enjoying how you put a (london) after Heaven so people didn’t think you were in that shitty ponte strip club again 🙂

  2. seems like you are having a pretty happening life…

    I’m from the states and I haven’t heard of you before but I got to looking around on your site and read your about me, and I was amazed to find out that you are burmese. Being from the states, its hard to find burmese people here. I was wondering though, seeing this glamorous lifestyle you have and reading that you had done a topless pictorial lately, do your parents have any problems with it?

    I mean since I’ve been raised by a burmese family (cultural, not blood, it’s a long story), I think their reaction to your decision about doing these photos must have been hard to take.

    Anyway, congrats on being successful, and hope you had fun at HEAVEN

  3. Hi Dave! You would think that my folks wouldn’t approve right, but no not at all…they are sooo proud of me and stand behind any decision i make pretty much. They’re good like that…lucky innit!

  4. That seems pretty liberal of your folks I must say. My parents are the total opposite and would never agree to that. Its great to hear that you have the support you need from your folks, and really, I think thats the only thing that really matters in this world.

    It must’ve been a bit of a journey to try to break into the entertainment industry, I could only imagine. I dream of making it myself as well.

  5. Well the only way to break it, is too try to right? All you need is bounce back ability, thick skin and talent. If you’re good to entertainment, then it’s usually good to you…. Or you could sleep your way to the top, but i’m sure that would get messy. Lol….JOKE!

  6. Lol, thanks for the words of advice. I figure I would try to compromise. I would something that seems pratical yet Is still somewhat related to the entertainment industry. I’m studying computer science right now and I am trying to be a computer game developer, or maybe become one of those people who end up making those 3d kids movies like wall-e and finding nemo.


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