Pulling my finger OUT!

And just when you think 2012 is gonna trickle down the gutter like the left over *fizz* from yesterdays champagne booze up…it jiggles up and get’s ‘H’ is for hot and simply with a *wink* a beckon and that little bit of effort. (I’m writing this at work and i don’t care….i’m bored. I mean, i was deliberately holding my wee for hurs in order to sprinkle life with actual excitement..When that happens..you’re fucked.)

Okay, everytime it’s new year i get all career minded. Like i said in the previous blog, i’ve been baby making, getting engaged, book writing and now wanting to ‘step up my game’ and *strut-strut- hip bump* back into a light of lime. I’m potentially great…i just need a little guidance…a push and a twaek and a strong hand of ‘ooh laa.’ (‘Handsome Keiran’ is currently texting me asking me why a picture of a man is popping up randomly on each one of my Facebook posts??)

Today is the day, i got on it…like a car bonnet. Career-wsie. Yep today i used my little brain, adjusted my bra and with my fingers crossed picked up the phone, got texting, got emailing…got working ‘it.’ I mean, if you don’t try, you don’t get. I know it’s all deliciously cliched…but it’s the simpliest things that we all forget. (Someone two desks away from me is apparently watching big butt and horny porn to Barry Manilow? 🙂 I’ve been watching them whilst stuffing my pretty face with ‘Celebrations.) *Spritz here*

I began the day with ‘nada’…but needing a big wee and ended it with being discussed in an important meeting, finding potentially new management, getting excitied fro my book, accidentally booking a really wonderful audition and FINALLY remembering what that RUM drink that Big Brother Rex used to always make me drink, whenever i had a sore throat. Keiran and I were in TGI’s the other day. His throat equalled sore..i attempted to explain the cocotion, yet my weave got the better of me by being shit and comitting to a bad hair day, so i couldn’t think. (Yes, i am that tragic.)

I’m glad that you’ve all been chitter chattering to me on Twitter today. I ignore Facebook pervies, so Twitter is the way forward for me. I haven’t been able to tweet away due to Crimbo getting all ‘ooh laa’ with my ‘handsome’ and baby Ruby. (Don’t buy your baby cymbols.) We’re an amazing family and well it finally feels good to be in a decent place after a very tragical, yet glitzy past of colourful in Hollywood attempting to get me down.

But yes anyway, i’m loving the videos your sending me and all the messages of jolly merriment. (Glad you think of me when you’re drunk.) One of my Wunnarettes (teenage girl who follows my life) has found a boyfriend. I’ve apparently taught her everything she needs to know about love. 🙂 I love to inspire, i do…but the poor little thing. I’ve had to do ‘love’ about 42 times in order to find the right ‘Mister’ to be my forever.. Hopefully she’s learnt from my mistakes. 😉 *Pout*I did tell her to ‘get the diamonds’ though. be you good at love or bad. You GET THEM! A Glamour Puss should never buy her own.

I also had an aquaintance, with a new blog, retweet my merry words out of comfort, due to her being mildy naughty over the Xmas period and ‘losing everything’ in the name of life and learning. I told her not to worry as girls like her and i are made from the same ‘Dolly Dust.’ We make history. I’m just an older, more burnt version. (Hellooo to learning the hard way. Hated it.) I also thought age just gave you wrinkles and purple hair..but it actually does make you wise. It’s all about time and experience. Live life and understand it all later? [Do gin here] Then you get to live as well as have an eventual happy ending…and one that doesn’t end in a $50 pay out.

I’m getting messages from people who state that they are blushing over the fact that i am replying to them? I enjoy this behaviour because i’m quite obviously a giant egomaniac…especially during the dawn of the New Year. Yet really, there is no need to *blush* over my cyberland ‘reply’..there are plenty of other things from my delicious past that actually really could make you *blush.* I’d take my ‘reply’ as gift of Wunna love.

Oh and to the weirdo that decided to grace my Fan page with evil words of ‘eww…’ on the lines of me sounding like an utter bimbo shit bag and one that doesn’t do anything! Well he ended his ramble with a  ‘what do you  even do…’ Incase you can’t see….there are words on this page. I wrote them. It’s a book out this year. Now who’s the ‘what?what?’ Don’t just look at the pictures…*snooze*

Only 30 minutes…then it’s home time! Can’t wait to see my ‘handsome’ and snuggle my baby Rubes!

Ciao Kittens. Life is amazing! I’m lapping it up!



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