Princess weeps by Chicken Wings

Just fallen down the stairs after being weirdly over excited in a toilet. Not ‘ooh haa-fanny’ excited. I mean absolutely ‘in love’ excited. I felt so ‘in lvoe’ that i merrily bubbled over with joie de vivire, only to swing open a door with utter kitty cat merriment, then fall down a fucking flight of stairs. 🙂 Unluckily, i was on my own. I mean if you’re going to fall make it a show for EVERYONE to see and applaud. I hate random comedy moments by ‘The Wunnster’ that are only experience by moi. Lord knows what it must have looked like with my over grown, now baggy weaverella, (just my weave..i call it that because i want it to go to the ball.) I toppled over like a pork dumpling on fizzing candy. My handsome Keiran had forwarded me a delicious picture, of his ‘in Calvin’s’ willy, after i had explained to him (from my work desk) how much i wanted his body. (I wasn’t just excited about that. That simply added fuel to a fire. I was excited to be in love with him and because ‘my secret’ was coming true..and on the loo. I fell.  Don’t keep secrets…you end up on ya back, with a bad weave and an almost feels like it’s broken ankle.

Soooo…my weekend. Now,w e know i’m the ever glitzy, Queen of Glmaour Pussy Greatness…but even i have hard times chilling on rock bottom now and again. I’m not gonna lie. I had a horrifically stressful weekend. Infact, sooo stressful i can’t truely tell you it all, in dying hope that i forget and bury it furiously under imaginary mind soil, before sprinkling it with sequins and faith.

Keiran and I have a ‘bubble.’ We need to stay in it, as we have a lot of people pry into our love life. Alongside Team Keiran & Team Wunna, there’s just ‘Keiran & Chrissie.’ We’re amazing people…but when you put the ‘Team’ part infront of our names as separate units…we’re fucked. We’re both full to the brim with show offy banter. We love hard, fight hard and never mean the things we say to each other in any battle of anger. The wonderful thing about us, is that we’re a true couple…an amazing couple who can overcome anything, hold hands and help each other up, in utter love, when we hit a ‘rock bottom.’ Everyone thinks our battles ar ebecause we’re feisty…our battles are only caused we’re both sensitive when it comes to our love. We’ll never love another the way we love each other…and that’s why he’s the man that i will marry…this year! Yay! None will ever understand ‘us’ the way we do. This weekend and due to the art of too much dark rum, banter and being around friends…we got off to a rather bad start. Tears, tantrums and drive offs. Yesterday, we looked at each other…after i had a jolly big weep and we loved whole heartedly. Today i feel over the moon. We’re sooooo happy and so excited for our 2012.

All i’m gonna tell you about our weekend, is that we dined by the warmest firepalces in the world ever at ‘The Castle’ with my ‘handsome’s close friends. Duck and steak we’re enjoyed, with wine, banter and a side of mild drama. More drinks we’re had, bya horrific girl who once wished my ‘bambino’ dead…who (can you believe it) is FRIENDS with Keiran…which i don’t enjyo at alll. I got blessed by a weirdo. An old it was fine. Then chill time at a friends house, where drinking games and celebrity names we’re repeatedly…BAD IDEA! Team Keiran & Team Wunna had been out in full force stropping all night long..even in Asda..which i bizarrely find humourous?

It all ended with me having the best time ever..then having to STORM out of someones home i a *huff* screaming the fact that i was ‘drunk’ and ‘just tired’ as i stropped off into the night distance, with my Julein MacDonald handbag, attitude problem and peach schnapps running through my system. People ran after me…and i claimed i was trying to get a taxi home. Keiran (who was also in a *huff*) found me and well we travelled our grumpy fucking arses home. I hate it when we get like this and i hate Team Keiran & Team Wunna. I like ‘us’ to be just ‘us.’ Yet i’m slowly realizing that when we’re around his friends and we drink….we fight.


The next morning we woke up. I was fine. he was still stubborn. I cried. We made up. he actually had a shoot that we had to reschedule due to him wanting to make ‘love’ up to me..and so we went for a bit of ‘happy lunch’ at TGI’s at Xscape. We had cocktails and loved cosily…between mouthfuls and moments of ‘anger’ and tears.’ I cried. he got angry. I guess that’s how we deal with things. He looked at me, cuddled me, told me that he loved me and that somtimes when he’s upset, he doesn’t show it. He just gets ‘angry on the outside.’ I’m all out emotional..if i’m gonna weep, i’m gonna weep, gona fight, goona laugh…i’m gonna do it everywhere. I must’ve looked like a polnker crying by boneless chicken wings.

Anyway, he spend the entire day making it up to me and making me feel special. (I’d been feeling all kitty cat insecure all day. It hurt him because he felt that he had made me feel that way.) I was going ‘in & out’ of ‘fine’ then ‘weepy.’ But then the mist rose up and we were immediately back to ‘fairytale.’I guess during those tinmes, i think about all the wonderful things that he’s done for me and what he’s sacrificed in his life for our love. When i do…it outweighs the pointless art of bicker. Being able to ‘get back on that horse,’ means i must now be an official ‘grown up.’ Woohoo! *Purr-Wiggle-Wink*

I’m really happy right now. We had the most amazing with each other and baby Ruby. We did Sunday dinner with The Wunnas. (My dad really loves Keiran…so it really does make everything easier.) We’re looking at each other like we couldn’t be more in love again. It feels gentle and kind and nothing like an aggressive ‘TEAM’ of ‘showoff.’ It feels simple, real and what my life about. No matter what happens bewteen us, we ‘re a family and we will love each other until the day we die. Tonight we’re doing dinner at ‘Turner in the background’s.’ It seems everyone wants to eat with us of recent? But i don’t mind, we love it.(Last night i made really rubbish chicken sandwiches. You know you’re a Domestic Goddess when you go to delicately *pour* black pepper rocks out onto your delicious pan of *oozing* chicken and the fucking lid plops off, making the entire peppery contents floor itself onto your divine chickeny delights! RUBBISH! Luckily Keiran felt bad for me and ate it anyway. THEN gifted me with great sex! It’s ace being a crappy housewive! 🙂

I’ve been quite brief in this blog, because i’m learning that sometimes, some things, just need to be kept between ‘us.’ Keiran and I have never been this madly in love. It’s tender, gentle and forever. (UGH! Hang on one second, my boss is telling me to call 20 people.) We have a really excited 2012 and well we see a softer side to each other, that no-one else will ever know about.That’s why i love this fairytale and that’s why i know it’s right. {Diamante here}

I’m getting really excited about my book now. Emails and text’s were passed about today for it’s launch. I’ve always wanted wonderful things to happen to me…Yet now life is a marvel and simply because i know not only have wonderful moments and things to share within my *bubble* of ‘Wunna’…but i’ve become and helped create a delicious clan of ‘ooh laa’ known to me as my new ‘family.’

I actually have sooo much to tell you, yet i can’t write right now due to people who i don’t want watching me..watching me. My apologies for this being a bit shit…i’ll rewrite and catch up later… (can’t believe i Princess cried by boneless chicken wings..especially when i had a Tequila shot infront of me. I’m totally losing my touch! *Kitty wink*)

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