Pretty maids all in a row

The most bizarrely wonderful day today. I don’t think i can tell you much about it, but i can say, that i was herded and held into a whole bunch of rooms, with a whole bunch of pretty (mainly blond) girls, and we judged, as we were being judged. It was great fun!! And quite bizarre to watch. There was definitely a great deal of silent ‘sizing up’ going on, and lots of ‘overly niceness,’ (which is not my favourite) yet it’s funny and highly interesting to see how different people (well chicks) react to certain things. I’m not a sensitive person. You can make fun of me into you’re blue in the face, and i’ll still be cracking up, making fun of you, and doing a samba. I like to tease, and be teased, but yep, some girlies even though they had their, ‘smiley face’ switched on…were definitely not so smiley faced on the inside. Loved it!!! Great day!!! Yet i do (and only because i’m evil) have a tendency to want to tease the ‘no smiley face on the inside’ girls more than anyone else. I always feel it makes them stronger, but really it only makes them cry!! (haha) I also met and old man who was auditioning for ‘Coranation Street,’ a boy that used to be on ‘Byker Grove,’ a girl who didn’t want ot be my friend (lol) , and about 2 taxi drivers, who actually knew where places were!! Finally! Rejoice!! It rained all day, but i didn’t really care as i was inside for the whole of the ‘down pour,’ and i’ve made the executive decision to hate public toilets, that don’t have locks on the doors!! Come on SHEFFIELD!! You can’t have public loos, that often have cues, that have doors that not only are unable to be locked, yet are also are reluctant to stay ‘pushed closed.’ I was in a frilly peach, boobs out dress, half squatting over the bowl, half having to hold the door closed with my left arm, half having to hold my panties, so i wouldn’t accidently pee on them. ( I don’t have long arms.) If i let go of the door at any point, the door would’ve gleefully swung open, and the enormous line of googley eyed females, all having to cross their legs, with ‘dying to peeness’ would have had to have watch me piddle, quite ungracefully…..and in peach. I guess, i would’ve smiled and waved. Not very glamourous!! Public loo peeing was harder than my audition!!!

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  1. im pleased u had a good day xhrissei know u know what is like for us when we want a brad and are out the locks are of more often than not any quazi paper it is bollox aint it babe good luck with everything chrissie take care babe tada scratch


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