Pretend hair washing, work and families

I’m currently working, working really hard, yet having to do so with a ‘Frozen’ tiara wedged into my hair, a silver glitter ‘Build a bear’ factory dog lease attached to my right wrist, a wine by my side and RUBY….playing ‘hairdressers’ making my sewn in extensions seem like some kind of Wuzzle Gummage do, ready to scare innocents….fuck crows.

I’ve worked all day and i’ve loved it. I’ve deserved this vino (red)…’Vanderpump Rules’ is on as background noise on my telly box and i’m rushing through my lash line work to  manage to get it all done….whilst Ruby is PRETEND washing my hair!!

I’m really lucky. I’m really lucky right now. And for once i actually feel quite lucky in business, which is making me feel confident. My love life has always been shit. Even if it rolls on well for a while, it ends up being rubbish. I’m MISSING my little boy tonight as he’s with Keiran this evening and let me tell you…LADIES…it is awful and i don’t even care what anyone thinks, as i’ve raised Junior every step of the way, my way…up until this point….Separations in families is not right, nor does it benefit the children in anyway, shape or form. It’s a terrible way to make them feel loved and it’s a terrible procedure for any child to go through. I’m quite old school when it comes to family building..and yes, separating your family and loin fruit, is the worst thing that you can do, in my mind…and it’s something that parents regret much later in life, when it’s too late and hellraiser/insecure children have already been formed and by that pint you can’t bundle them together to make ‘family’ anymore. It annoys me…i miss Junior more than ever tonight, because he’s spent the entire time with me being the happiest baby in all the land. I’m quite knowledgeable when it comes to people, families, love and my children (believe it or not 🙂 ) ..and i KNOW that this is not correct. Plus, it’s also not fair on me, as I am the parent that stood by them, no matter what…It’s MY family and the fact that we have to go through all this separation idiocy, that only makes sense to outside parties or dear folk who have been raised quite differently. Infact, i don’t think it actually makes sense to any of the parties involved. Things can be better than this and it needs to be. PRONTO. (Don’t fret, i’m just having a rant because i miss my little boy. And i guess any decent mum would be just the same way….the shit mums are out on ‘the razzl’e on these days, lol)

The lash line is going well and i’m en route to building that empire. I can’t actually believe that i’m doing it, but i am and i’ve done it all by myself.

I’ve got good people by my side and whether it’s a smile or a high five at folk, or an ‘i told you so’ belly laugh at those who never believed….i’m there. I’M THERE. And if i learnt anything from others  over the last few months, it is to first and foremost b there for YOU. Look after yourself mentally, emotionally and physically. DO WHAT’S RIGHT FOR YOU and not for other people, who’s intention for you is never as great as you think it is. No other person can care for you better than you and no other person can BE YOU better than you. I meander a lot the last few months to make others happy and it made me mildy poorly. …emotionally that is!

Now…i’m soldier strong and since that point, nothing has been better. EMPOWERMENT.


So, tomorrow i have a day off work, but i have a whole LOAD of eyelash line stuff to complete, plus, a day job meeting to tend to at 3pm.

I’m an early bird, so i begin my days at the crack of dawn anyhow…but yes, tomorrow i have a lot to do.

The key to being productive is to pick yourself up and just BE productive. Even when knackered from all sorts…it’s important that you make sure you do the important work things that you need to…that way you can make impact and not be shitty at an ‘effort’ percentage.

Try hard and you’ll win.

Get up every time…and you’ll be a superstar at success!





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