Pressy Little Bit Of Launch?

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Sat on a train that left Wakefield Westgate at 10.27am, I’ve just stopped at Doncaster and I’m now edging away from the platform towards London. I’m very boobied today and decorated in a pencil skirt, spray tan and leopard print. I managed to ‘victory’ strut through Westgate in my boobied leopard print and big ‘cut at the waist’ faux fur, as on goers glared at me like I was a somewhat delicious freak show. Then grab preggo snacks, a coffee, make positive, happy conversation with staff, before stepping into Coach ‘F’ and cruising my kitten self away from Platform 1 and to better things!

I’m really excited today because today is ( well what everyone is calling) ‘Press Launch’ day. Again, I still can’t tell you anything about it, as we’re also filming all day for a show that will air on your telly boxes sometime soon. But yes! Exciting day! Looking forward to seeing ‘The girls’ (and I do mean females, not my own boobs…everyone can always see those jubblies anyhow, due to my random past) and after a coffee, a paracetamol  I’ll be right as rain.

I’m feeling sexy today, so i hope you are too. I unfortunately still have the flu, but ah well you can’t win’em all! I’ll check in later. The train’s far too bumpy for me to blog! X

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