Pressure Ping Pong-along


Having the best Springtime day ever! I’m a kitten who enjoys her own company. I’m my own BFF and well when you whack on your ‘Girl Anthem’ tunes, there really is no stopping you. I’m wearing my sunglasses inside, simply because I CAN.

So, I’ve quite easily managed to get through my ‘to diddle’ list meaning that i need more. When I have chance to rest, I don’t want to, as nothing is ever quite as satisfying when you’re allowed it. However, don’t get all excited and run off sinning with ya knickers in the air, simply because I said that. The excitement of sinning only lasts for that moment. Once that moment has vanished, you not only feel like a twat, or quite simply exhausted, but you have a cleaning up to do and as I stated in my last blog, i’m not one for manual labour. Manual labour to me, is simply listening to the song that goes, ‘You can do it, put ya back into it.‘ That’s about as far as it goes, as it makes me think i’m tending to hard work. (A strange man has just sauntered into my garden and looked in my shed. Saw me through a patio door, didn’t say anything to me and walked off?)

Like I told you, my love life is a delight right now. I’m happily married. I have a history. It’s buried somewhere in Hollywood, until I need to pull it out to make money of it, 🙂 and well i’m much prefer being a ‘goodie-goodie’ now than a tragic ‘i’m so fun, bad girl.’ Bad girls are never that fun, they just wear a mask of fun, that once peeled off is filled with insecurity and self loathing. All they have are great shoes. Which again is something anyone can purchase. I’m slowly coming to realize that anything that can be purchased, isn’t really worth much.

All the appropriate phone calls have been made, yet i’m currently confused as to why everything in the house seems to be breaking down. Now, I like a handy man and I think that men should be able to fix anything that breaks in the house. Some men can, some men can’t and well i’m not sure that Keiran is able to diddle around with a wrench and make things work again? He’s sort of a ‘change a light bulb-carry something heavy’ handyman and not a real nitty gritty one. I think we’re quite similar and he’s rather have things done for him. Which is unfortunate for him because he’s a dude and therefore has to do things for ME. It’s the way of the world. You should’ve been born with a vagina.  I don’t think things are 50/50 in relationships. I think the chicks are the objects of a man’s desire and therefore have to be looked after. I mean, men go on enough about how they’re all of ‘Alpha-leader’ status. Good. Prove it. Take care of us. 🙂

Yet saying that it’s really really difficult being a guy as they always feel inadequate. They’re raised in a manner to have to prove themselves to be mighty all the time, that they feel as though they are less of a man if they are incapable of fulfilling all that is requested of them. I mean, one of my chick friends feel as though i’ve accidentally placed uneccessary pressure on ‘Handsome Keiran’ and because of something I said to him last week. She believes that (like all of them) he’ll now think that if he doesn’t pull himself together and in the end make macho riches, I will no longer adore him…meaning he’s now under pressure.

Now, i love my husband and like i’ve just said I think that anything that can be bought is not truly of any worth. I love him regardless. It’s a habit of mine. He doesn’t have to come with anything or make anything, because I have it down. *Hood-swagger.*

Yet i don’t think there’s anything wrong with whopping up the pressure on a man, because firstly they need to know that they are men and they need to know their duty! Then want to be men when they want to be men and babies, when they want to be babies. NO GO. Behind every great man is an even greater woman and well pushing them to their limits is how to get the best out of them. If they give in, that’s on them. They can choose to sup it down in sorrow at the pub and go through the same old thing every time with every girl of worth that they come across. I’m not a pushover. But i’m not a Nazi either. I believe in a little encouragement and of course pressure. It’s all about knowing your ‘other half’ well…and mine works exceedingly well under pressure and when there’s a goal. He might not like it, but he’s hungry for it.  I think it’s fair to say that since being back from overseas, he wasted a lot of his time, time that he could’ve been much more productive in, under the correct guidance. I remember when we first dated. He was romantic and lovely, yet i always watched on and watched around him and wondered why he used his free time the way in which he did. It didn’t concern me, it just showed me where he was in life, how he felt and where he needed to make amends, if there was going to be a future for us. Finding your ‘forever’ really is a study and simply because who you end up with matters. They will be the man of your kingdom, father your children and well have to love you for eternity and all that jazzle. The revolving door of gents gets dull, it’s even dull now when boys don’t really know me, or even worse do really know me and still get up to their usual inbox tricks. If i know you’re taken, if you date my friend, if i used to date you myself…then you’re not going to come across as attractive to me…meaning when a boy tries to be suggestive, even if it’s disguised in ‘over friendly nice,’ having a laugh, it’s always quite odd. I know men. I’ve great experience of you all. When you are approaching a chick who is married and pregnant…and still trying to push your way ahead with it, you’re showing me that you’re insecure. I don’t think girls and guys who have once dated or had sex can be actual friends…and because there is always that niggly bit of history that will always come and destroy everything. I’m good at doing the cutting out. 🙂 I concentrate on one boy at a time and the only time i’ll have to concentrate on two is when my bump greets the world with his presence. That’ll be exhausting enough. Yet luckily, i’ll be able to have a vodka by then. 🙂

So, when it comes to knowing your man and adding that pressure, I might be a buzz kill to some, but I know what i’m doing. I’ve done it before, i’ve done it myself and i’ll do it again and i always speak from experience, I’ve used my time wisely, wasted it away, and stood still. Yet i’ve also achieved massively. I have all areas covered and a good woman does. Saying that i do tend to get a bit too big for my boots at time and cover myself with egomania. But that’s just me. I can’t help it. 🙂 *Yeah-Baby*

My bump is currently being a lunatic. So i’m gonna have to go and cream it over with something or other in order to rein in adventure, before he maps it all out on my belly, like some kind of stretch mark haven. So far, i have none. YET, it’s always in the last few weeks when you’re belly gets a bit excited and before you know it, you’ve got stretch mark central all over your tum tum.

Love you all…and well here’s a bit of karaoke for you to keep you sauced up for Friday!



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