Pre-New Year boujiness



Right! Life in Wunna land has been perfect of recent, so i did what any little Glamour Puss, with a sexy disposition and a wiggle that could draw shivers in the pants of virgin knicker crackers, would do…No, not run around in sequinned nipples tassles, remembering the days you were a slave to alcoholic fruity drinks. Oh no, you gorgeous little bastards. I surprise booked Ruby, my yummy husband Keiran and I, into Oulton Hall for the evening. We are now laid on our delicious ‘Room 353’ bed, in 5 star luxury, in the venue where we married a couple months ago and also accidentally concieved! Oh yes, Dollies

It’s all chandeliers, tinsel and a first class service. We’ve already humped and made lurve on our 353 sheets. We’ve enjoyed room service. We’re about to toast to our upcoming new year and our happiness….and we have a yummy, luxury family dinner booked for 8pm.

If you do anything, fill your last few days of 2012 with excitement. Make life fun, worth it and magical…but always do it with a wink!

Love to you all,

Chrissie xx

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