Powder puff rainbows please

Just wanted to let you know, that i’m not being stingey with the pictures…as i know, you all love the  bare nakedness of this delicious site, as i myself do…and we never want that to leave, as it makes us feel that little bit more alive. For some reason i’m unable to upload any pics right now, so once again i’m blaming technology for my mistakes, but really i would if i could, but i can’t. Shame too, as i have some really good ‘tit’ shots…haha!

FINALLY! I am so happy. I managed, after a long gruelling head ache, to send my set of pictures, to the ‘important’ person. They emailed me this morning, and so i figured i shouldn’t give up, and give it one last ‘hoo-haa.’ So like a bimbo, i scrambled rather clumsliy, over my keyboard trying to figure out how, to make the computer work! (Flirting with it, does not make it work…weird??)  I think i sweated a little, scratched my head, and tried to figure out what letter comes after what, in the jolly old alphabet? I usually have people tend to such work, for me. It sucks in England, because you actually have to use your brain. In Hollywood, if you’re a hot girl…the brain need not be used. I have a web monkey in LA, yet he’s busy smearing his own poop, all over his wall, and my ‘Wizard’ in England, is busy being ‘Magic’ and drooling over girls, who i rather he didn’t drool over. So, i played around, made each picture smaller, ‘saved’ this, ‘saved’ that, (i love how some people save lives, yet i just save pictures of myself…) ‘adjusted’ this, ‘adjusted’ that, and FINALLY one by one, managed to fucking send them off on their merry bloody way!! This is not ‘Girls’ work!! I am a GIRLY GIRL! I don’t meddle with such technical difficulties, like this!! I curl my hair, and fix my face, and skip under rainbows, in rose littered gardens for fuck sake!! Anyway, i did it! Proving that i am GREATNESS! (which we knew)

I have a busy weekend lots of work, just got off the phone with the ‘Sport’ photog, and yeah life seems to be looking up!! Thank GOD!!

3 thoughts on “Powder puff rainbows please”

  1. im pleased u managed to send your pics chrissie best of luck with them babe. and good luck with the sport chrissie i love that paper babe have a good day babe im pleased usound so happy take care chrissie tada scratch

  2. always a pleasure never a chore chrissie i look forward to seeing u when i am having me coffee at graft. did u get my paper for the boobs out for burma thing chrissie as if it aint arrived i will send it again can u let us know please treacle. have a great week chrissie take care me ol muka tada scratch


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