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Currently on a break, in a rather lovely old school glamour much dressing room. I had to wake up at 6am (urgh,) to get my pretty arse to work, which i do find rather hard. I’m one of those tragic beings that trails in at that time, from a delicious night of socializing. I’m a night owl and i don’t fight the feeling. *Wiggle-Wink.* I’m also NOT a morning person AT ALL. I mean, even if i’m home and not being a drunken struken, i’ll be laid awake in bed, or still up at 3am, with my mind a bubbling full speed ahead. It’s like ‘Georges Marvellous Medicine’ my mind. Deliciously child-like, full of nonsense and poison. In the BBF house, when we were all sick, i made Kat a ‘You’ll get better if you drink this’ concotion and she named it ‘George’s marvellous medicine.’ I went with  ‘Bitch Juice.’ I’d just make her drink it and well she’d look at Me and say, ‘What will happen if i drink this? And with a ‘You probably won’t beable to see, let alone win this,’ and just like that… she downed it in one and turned into a psychopath! Hahahah! Oh i did love Kat! I had a cuppa tea instead! I’m not that stupid. I mean Carrie kept giving me ‘Get well soon’ concotions to drink and i’d be like ‘Erm…no bitch, please!’ The good thing about Me, is that i can stay up ALL night long, go home, get two hours kitty cat sleep, and wake up at the crack of dawn to get myself to work. I’m never late. My stamina is beyond me. I don’t even know how i do it. I think i just have a hunger. I’ve been labelled a ‘Human Dynamo’ before. I liked that, hence why i’m boasting about it now. 😉

Anyway, i’ve be on a shoot all morning, at the same time as actually doing business. I’m having to take 15 minute breaks between pouts, whilst i’m in my undies to take a phonecall, or send an email or shove a chicken wing in my face. (Or whore it on Twitter, behind their backs.) I’m working hard and life is changing. Infact everything in life is changing. I’m not sure when my shoot is finished, but afterward i have an interview with a ‘being’ who I am told is not a Wunna Fan. I don’t mind it though, because all she’s gonna do is tell me how to live my life in the correct manner. I’ve been told she believes i’m a bad influence on the young. (Lovely! Lovely!) I actually excited because i’m a sicko and currently searching for my ‘Game face,’ but i’m finding that i’m Zoolander and i can only do *wink-pout.*

I’m not really worried (completely worried) because, it’s one thing to hear about Me, and another to actually meet me. I mean, I met a lady who apparently was not so keen on Me before for an interview and she went away with a write up stating that i was one of the most ‘Grounded, bright and happy’ individuals she had ever met. A ‘Face of the future’ she said, ..’with a playful, likeable, lust for life, people and love.’ I think she got a bit carried away with it all really. *Chuckles* I mean I am quite quite charming, even at the worst of times..let alone when i’m in a moment where i get to talk about nothing but myself for two whole hours! That’s like HEAVEN to Me.

By the end of it, she had loosened her bra, kicked her heels off, had a wine in her hand and was inviting me to her wedding. Infact, i was interviewing HER!!! I think i’m good at taking people away from the normal *stressful* formality of their life and for a precious juicy moment, ‘adventuring’ them into my world, where they can DO whatever they want to Do. Be whoever they want to Be and feel ‘fairytale’ delicious for a few short Wunna moments, be it a night, an hour, a minute, a wink. I’ve been told by a fatty currently standing next to me, (he’s thin hence why i can call him ‘Fatty’) that she only liked me because i manipulated and seduced her into it. Hahahah. Apparently, i can read people well (I can’t… can read MEN well) and i’m very aware of human fratalities. I know how to win people over or something? I don’t know why we can’t just got with ‘she genuinely liked me.‘ It’s not that unbelievable…(you bastard.lol)

Jonny’s (@jonathactaylor) been nagging at me all day. He likes ‘people,’ doing things and attention.(Don’t we all..!) However,  this weekend, everyones ventured off somewhere ‘ooh laa,’ leaving him all alone…to enjoy his own company… in London. We’re close friends and therefore we know each other pretty pretty well. (I actually know him better now, than i did when we dated. Which goes to prove that you shouldn’t rush into relationships, if you want them to actually last! ) Anyway, I’m at work trying to look ‘sexy’ in stockings and eyelashes for a bundle money and a big juicy fanbase, and HE’s in bbming me, calling me and telling me that he’s BORED and if he doesn’t get attention immediately, he’s going to either PIERCE something…(his nose to be exact,) GET A TATTOO….or just go home and cut himself. (I shouldn’t laugh, but it’s hilarious.) This is what i have to deal with!!!

I pointed out his irrationality. He agreed. We laughed and then he tweeted is pain for the world to feel, whilst chickenning out of a nose ring, (knew he would) having Matthew Williamson hit on him (he totally tried to stalk him afterward) and now claiming that if i don’t get him more followers on Twitter he’ll hurt himself  AND it will ALL be my fault. LMAO! Know that he is TERRIFIED of pretty much ANYTHING that he could use to hurt himself in ANY way. Hence why it’s fuuny. Infact, I even think Jonny Taylor is terrified of Jonny Taylor. I can just imagine him tottering around London,  in despair, hunting for ANY attention. I laughed and told him he just needs a sit down, a cuddle and maybe a knife? He’ll be fine. I think we came to the conclusion that we were going to go on a pinic. Hopefully one of those little girls who fancies him will occupy him for the weekend, so i don’t have to mentally baby-sit him. I love little Jonny. We’ve been through it and then some. Funny! Last time i saw him was the other night. Tuesday? We were singing in Camden, (well he was..i was just drinking in a jumper.) Good night actually. We had steaks, vodka and a black boy named ‘Leon.’ I do miss Jonny when i’m away. But i’m used to being away from him. When we were actually dating, we didn’t even live in the same part of England. Now we’re practically neighbours (until i move…the new Leeds appartment that i want has just been on the telly as one of the most sort after penthouses to live in) and well yead we’re just friends. We’ve done everything backwards. But that’s his fault, not mine. Like how did he even appear in my life?

I’ve actually got to venture off. I’ve got sooo much to do today!! Work, Business, Travelling, Interview, Being a Dickhead and Party Party. Pussy Pout WINK! (I’ve been told that a BBM Fan PIN, should be done and i actually don’t think it’s a bad idea.) I love you lots!!!! Thankyou bitches x

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