Post Christmas Fun

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Morning! I have a whole ‘other’ free day, where i’m away from work! Yipppeee! And as much as I love working, or having the opportunity to do so, nothing is better than kitten sailing off a tremendously busy Christmas and slobbing it in my ‘jim jams.’ I’ve officially plonked my glitzy flag of ‘chill’ up and it feels utterly Wunnaful. PLUS, nothing is better than sauntering downstairs with your babiest baby (Junior,) hearing him say ‘I don’t want you to go to work today. I want you to stay with me,’ and being able to assure him that Mummy is completely all his, all day. 🙂 His little eyes beamed and his little heart skipped a beat. It kinda made me desire a giant lottery win, just so I could be home all day always, yet still fund a lifestyle for all my tiny family to enjoy. But yes…chilling feels GOOOOOOOOOOOOD!

Anyway, back to Christmas. It was wonderful and Ben and I, with the children, spent our first EVER Christmas together. Ben cooked the ENTIRE Christmas dinner and fed an ARMY of Burmese Asians, all of which were labelled with a ‘Wunna’ tag… It was his first time rustling up a Crimbo dinner ever, so not only did he need booze to aid his way through it, (Pete, Ruby’s Dad, even ran into the kitchen with booze for him,) whilst I encouraged all the Wunna’s (and I’m talking family from all over…London….Yorkshire…everywhere) to dip and dabble in my snack table,  (I’m infamous for them,) just to ease his stress.

We had an amazing time and my family and Benny got on swimmingly. After food, drinks and all sorts…wrapping paper flying everywhere, Champagne being poured for the sake of it. (We’d be drinking or should i say ‘celebrating’ as it sounds less chavtastic) since 7am.

We had amazing kitchen banter with my cousins Minn and Natalia. Ben and never met the before, and I had missed them more than anything. But they’re young, fun and doing super well in life. (I mean ones studying Neuroscience in Uni and the other is working in the land of computer software.) I managed to lower the tone, get people drunk and have a giggle. Lord knows where the conversation ended? But we got onto ‘vlogging’ and how we should all start a ‘vlog.’ They didn’t want to leave, however when it comes to Christmas, it comes to family…so everyone, but my Dad (the babies then left to go on their Second Christmas with their Daddies,) all ventured off to their next location.

Everything had been so busy, so stressy, i had my good bra on….so at this point where we found a moment where it was just ‘us’ (and my Daddy)….we threw skin to the wind and let loose. Drinks were poured, giggles with my Daddy occurred (he’s laid back and fun, kinda like moi, so he was a blast and a smooch, throughout the whole jolly journey. Plus, he gets along with Ben really well…which definitely makes life easier.)

I think by this point we’d ventured to the kitchen, as my Daddy passed out for a kip on the sofa and we whopped on the tunes, danced around, sang along and drank…EVERYTHING. This time RUM. This process went on for ages, but we were literally having THE BEST TIME EVER…

Time must have flown, without us even realizing, because I got really really drunk, that I had to go to bed to take a nap at 8.30pm! Lol. So party! I did it, in a strop too..which always makes me laugh. I’m like a stroppy, little clockwork, Asian doll, with boobies, doughy eyes and a scowl, when i’m in a mood. All stompy and tired. And well I knew that Ben was pissed, simply because whenever he is, he goes on this MASSIVE ‘ballad marathon,’ as I like to call  it. I had had ‘Little Mix’ on repeat for most of the night…and well Ben must have sang through (and at the top of his voice) every single boyband, Stevie Wonder, new school, old school, ballad that ever existed! Loudly.

I went to bed.

He then sat with my Dad and they both giggled to ‘Pitch Perfect’ on the telly box.

Once my Mum came back over to pick my Dad up, Ben then (and by now he is the most drunk person ever,) saunters upstairs to wake me up, because he needs a playmate to entertain him. We’re both fun drunks and turn into toddlers, so it’s all happy and innocent.

I get up, have a stretch, get ready for more drinking…and as we venture forward BEN FALLS DOWN THE ENTIRE FLIGHT OF STAIRS!!!!!!! HAHAHAHA,. Now, this is actually pretty dangerous, but he was fine and it was the way he did it, like it was some kind of children’s slide. It was the campest fall EVER. HAHAHA. He missed a step, whilst i was doing a wee, with the door open…and just thundered down them, after rum! Being the kind girlfriend that i am…I cracked up LAUGHING.

He was fine by then and rocking a carpet burn….

Sanity was restored…then after more singing, drinks and fun, he got tired and we went to bed.

Boxing day was HARD, I was surprised that he was even still alive. But we eventually got up, kissed, cuddles, pulled ourselves together. Went off to visit his Mum, to drop of the Christmas pressies, then ended up at Dodge’s for ‘Boxing day’ drinks.

Shots, whisky, vodka and wine, friends, Jaz, Dodge’s Mum, Charlotte, Ben and good music. Banter, Tomfri, Tom and Al. Cheesestraws. Madness, life, and Post Christmas fun.

Everyone ended up a bit ballsed. So drunk it was so good but sooo silly. 🙂 I had a boobie dress on, so i felt ace. I shot a whisky and it made me feel like shite. 🙂 I’m not made to shoot anything.

Ventured to Katty and Rich’s…(everyone was already rum boiled by then) and well after hours of drinking, house bouncing and loads of time with Jaz, Ben and I got driven home….

I then woke up after felt like an hours sleep and flipping went to work! (Never again.)



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