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I had the BEST nights sleep last night and I have no idea why? I mean, if we were to go on circumstance, i wasn’t in my favourite kitty state of mine, due to Oddballs pissing me off. Yet there was a point in the evening where both ‘Winkles’ (Ruby & Junior) just decided to chillax, hit ‘rest’ mode and simply sleep through the entire night! Hurrah!!! Yippee!! How weird?? I managed to get myself together and roll around in bed sheets galore and i couldn’t even believe it!

Y’know, it’s important to use your sleep time wisely. If you go to bed angry, please do make SURE you use your ‘rest’ time to recoup, get back to positive and sleep off the drama. Lord knows you need to. If you hold onto the anger…all you do is attack yourself with negative buzz kills. That’s not sexy. It will eat you alive..which isn’t the best accessory to have this fall. Plus. if you are being who gets less that 6 hours sleep a night and quite constantly, you actually take years off your life span.

You always have two choices. To be positive or to be negative and it’s a training. Those that are winners, will always search and come up with solutions. Those that are not quite there yet, will always moan, throw a pity party, blame others and give up on themselves, as they surrender to pointless bits of party or jolly bouts of worthless ‘no gooding.’ #wellsaid #aroundofapplause

I woke up filled with positive energy this Wednesday, with the biggest beam of a smile on my face. I’m a lucky girl and i’ve done really well in life. I started off in a very normal position and had a dream. I was lucky enough to have a truck load of family support to help make dreams come true. Don’t go through life thinking you need the same to get ahead. People from all walks of life have become champions. I was just grateful to have it, as it speeded up my wishes and turned them into a reality much quicker. I still have that back up today and that’s why i’m lucky. I’ve never alone. I’ve never really really down and I have a ginormous support bubble.

So today, I want my blog to be inspiring and I want you to know that under no circumstances EVER, do you let the narrow mindedness of others, rain on your parade. You don’t let people try and get you down. You refrain from being affected by people who ‘poo-poo’ your dreams and ambitions. Anyone can do anything, with the correct love and formula. ANYTHING! Why? Well, because everything started somewhere and everything you wish to do has been done by someone before! It’s achievable. Don’t get it twisted and i’ve watched people achieve a lot!! People only hate out of jealousy and they are only jealous because they wish their life was going as well. What they fail to realize is the energy that they waste causing whimsical tantrums could be placed into their own world and used to make it a better place.

Anyway..so, I’m bringing out my own lip gloss line. A novelty, fun, teenage to young adult, lip gloss line. A lot of work has gone into it. I’m passionate about the industry and learnt a lot about it. I’ve kept it all low key and secret because I’ve wanted it to be exactly right. I’ve picked my suppliers gradually and after looking through THOUSANDS. I’ve not rushed anything or been impulsive. Meaning now, i can finally put together my ideal brand. Which is what iv’e always wanted to do..well it’s been my next goal. i’ve done everything else iv’e ever wanted to do.

Lots of love, research, design and well everything has gone into it, alongside a  clever dollop of people who can do maths. 🙂 I’m shit at doing sums. I was always more creative than scientific at school. I come from a family who know business and what it takes form getting things right and getting things wrong. i’ve held meetings with all the right people. Learnt from other brands. Learnt from the stories of others. (I mean yesterday I watched the video on how the Innocent line of drinks began. This is what their PR & website say:

‘We started innocent in 1999 after selling our smoothies at a music festival. We put up a big sign asking people if they thought we should give up our jobs to make smoothies, and put a bin saying ‘Yes’ and a bin saying ‘No” in front of the stall. Then we got people to vote with their empties. At the end of the weekend, the ‘Yes’ bin was full, so we resigned from our jobs the next day and got cracking.’

You know that they were all Cambridge graduates, who had big, high paying jobs…that they actually GAVE UP to create their own brand of smoothie. They spent 6 months working on recipes and invested £500 in fruit before going to the music festival. Just like that, out of faith, passion and skill..they dared to try.

The company now sells OVER 2 MILLION smoothies A WEEK and is valued at £390 MILLION. That’s where crushing up fruit, plonking them into bottles, and selling them at their own little  music festival led to.

That’s one story out of billions that I have read. Plus, I myself personally know a lot of people who have gone from rags to riches in the exact same manner.

Y’know, there’ s a great deal of folk, who want to start a business, but don’t do it correctly. They jump up impulsively and tinker here, or tippy toey there. Or try to start up loads of different bits and with no success and that’s fine provided you learn from it and do it right.

The main thing after passion for what you have chosen to do, other than doing it out of  love and not just for money is A WORKING BRAIN. You can’t be ‘Numpty and Bumpty,’ trying to set up a million pound business. Whether you are academically smart, street smart or just great at what you do…if you don’t have a business brain or A BRAIN working alongside you, or someone who knows how to effectively market the arse off you…you’re fucked. 🙂 Marketing and PR is EVERYTHING and an investor also helps. 😉 You do have to make sure you are a worthy being however, because I know that i wouldn’t invest in anything, be it love, money or life that isn’t proving to offer stability. People see me as being someone who holds back when it comes to dollar, however not at all, i’m not smart enough to not do the wrong thing with my money. I now don’t give anyone, anything until they prove their in it for the long run.

If your less ambitious though, you can certainly run a local business. They run well. They’re fun. Not multi-million pound chains, but they’ll make you good money if you work hard.

So yeah, i’m now at the beginnings of plonking my lip gloss line together and dilly dallying in the area of packaging. I think i’ve come up with a great idea, after hunting through literally SO MANY.

I’ve always been defeated by it in the past, until now,  so it was awful to here someone last night almost attempt to rain on my jollies. I think I had done my ‘everyone starts somewhere’ speech, but flung in a ‘Christian Dior’ in the mix. Their response was ‘Yeah, but that’s Christian Dior.’ Eww! Negative much.

How do you think Dior got started. He didn’t just wake up one morning and walk into his giant gzillion pound clothing and beauty brand did he? No..he actually…(although he did come from a wealthy family to begin with, with helped him get ahead financially) used to draw sketches and sell them on the street for 10 cents. SO THERE! I CAN HAVE MY OWN SUCCESSFUL LIP GLOSS LINE.

The same person even said ‘WHY?’ What do they mean why? Why do people do anything! Why do THEY want do do anything? I don’t ‘poo-poo’ their dreams. I’ll tell you why, because it’s a passion of mine, I adore beauty, it’s always been a dream to create a small brand, that turns into a big brand.. i have the means to do it, I’m in a good place, I come from a marketing background AND simply because I CAN. I’m confident enough to have a go. Even RUBES loves it!! My family are behind me 100% and helping me 100%.

Haters will always have a go at you. Just don’t let it affect you.

I woke up more positive than ever and empowered. I feel like i have everything right now and it’s certainly bringing out the best in me. I’m back to my normal chipper self and yeah i may have moments of ‘diva,’ but that’s because (and like i’ve stated before) I have a quick reaction to bullshit. I’m not someone who will let anyone walk all over me. Or tell me what to do if i don’t see them setting the correct example.

I’m inspired by those who have achieved more than me. Not held down by people who are on the same chipping block or worse. I’m encouraging and not a hater. Ever a hater. I don’t have to be.  That’s the first key to being a success. Knowing what you have, loving what you already have, being a good person and being grateful for it all.

I got to wake up today, plan out my business, get ready for an interview, plan for my weekend work arrangements and alongside all of that cuddle my GORGEOUS  little baby boy, who beamed at me with giggles this morning and kiss my ADORABLE little Ruby..who was filled with love and laughter. Then I did the nursery run, which is something that I love to do with them. It’s the simple things really that I adore and well i’m really grateful for the people who care for them over there.  Both kiddies beamed when they saw ‘nursery nurse’ Alice today. Ruby rushed to her in absolute excitement and Junior…well he’s more chilled, he’s like a glamour puss, 🙂 he immediately opened his big, wide eyes and reached for her with absolute glee. Makes me happy to see that they have a second Mummy. Lol. A blond one, who they need in their lives. 🙂

Right now in my own life, I feel like i have it all. I feel happy and stable. I’m not going to let anything neative tinker around my block.I just now need to to make the correct steps in order to finally seal the deal on happiness and get back to what i call the next chapter! #excited




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