Ponytail Friday


Life is great right now. Well…Friday was great!

I’m currently in Starbucks (Doncaster)…which is my favourite Starbucks in all the land, simply because the Barista boys are super ‘pretty boy’ and the customer service is pretty damn good. It’s a great atmosphere. It makes me feel comforted to be around busy, pretty boy and coffee…so after a bit of errand running and before Keiran drops off the babies, I figured I’d come blog amongst the delicious masses.

Friday (and I love Friday) is always a good day for me, as it means i’ve managed to get through my whole entire work week with a *Victory punch* and a smile. I love work and I love the people i work with, so it amkes life that little bit easier and keeps the moola flowing in.

However, over the last couples weeks, I did notice that there was a sincere amount of ‘ponytailing’ going on in my work place and a ‘ponytail’ adventure that I wasn’t part of. Jenna had ponytail, Bev had a ponytail and well I always rock the ‘bitchy up do’ that seems do wrong, as by nature, i’m more of a ‘ponytail’ type girl.

Anyway, they were looking all young, fresh and gleeful. All girly, sprite and almost nimbler. So i decided to jump on the ‘ponytail’ bandwagon and now every Friday at work is my ‘PONYTAIL FRIDAY.’ (Yes, this is how relevant my life is. πŸ™‚ )

Friday I rocked my long, glamourous, fake pony tail like the QUEEN OF ALL PONYTAILS and even jabbed flowers in the edge of it. BOOM! πŸ™‚ (I hate it when people say ‘BOOM’ on the end of things. I say it all the time. πŸ™‚ ) Yes, I got stick for having Β a giant, glamourous fake one but incase nobody noticed, nothing on me is that REAL. It’s all pinned, glued, stitched or stuck on…and that’s the way I like it. And you can ‘shush up’ tooo because when everything is unstuck, unpinned and let loose naturally…it still actually looks damn fine! πŸ™‚ I’m a girl and i enjoy being one. If i want a fake pony…i’ll have one. πŸ™‚ I can’t wear one when i’m 80, so i might as well get away with wearing one now. Β I get away with everything else, with what Bev calls ‘my charming little smile.’

(‘Chrissie, will the nasiest shit, but she delivers it with such a charming smile that you completely and utterly forgive her for it.’ πŸ™‚ )

Jenna even tried to shout at me on ‘Ponytail’ Friday because she stated that she was ‘in one of them moods.’ HAHAH. I think we had one of our ‘shout across the floor’ conversations that went a bit like this…

Jenna: ‘Right, don’t annoy me today because i’m in one of those moods.’

Me: ‘You can’t shout at me. I’m in a fucking ponytail.’

Jenna: ‘You’re not normal.’


Friday is a day of GREATNESS, but i’m going back to my bitchy up do on Monday. Ponytails get you into trouble…and totally by gingerbread pigs.

Most of you probably had normal conversations, but on Wunna Land our grasp on ‘normality’ is distorted. Only my kids and I get it…and well anyone who truly knows me just understand ‘Wunnarisms’ so go along with it anyway. πŸ™‚


I wanted them in pink…baby and hot. But of course they’re apparently sold out everywhere in the entire universe, unless you have size 12 feet and who the hell has size 12 feet? (Well Paris..as in Hilton is a size 11.) I’m a dainty Size 4.

Couldn’t find them anywhere. Got really pissed off. Gave up on pink, but finally found a pair of yellow Size 4 Supercolours online at Schuh! THANK THE GOOD LORD. I am the happiest human in all the land, as i feel as though i had to fight to even own a pair.

Then as if life couldn’t get better at 7am..as that’s when I bought them, but my old friend Rich, also informed me that we were ‘SUPERCOLOUR BUDDIES’ because he too was a proud owner of the brightest pair of reds. (Yet he’s been using them as slippers because he daren’t yet wear them outside. Lol.)

This is the message that the recieved from me when he had sent me a picture of his new pair of ‘Supers’… ( and this is your insight into Wunna land… and he read this message out at the pub last night and to a bunch of our guy friends, whilst we were outside in the smokers area of the now posh ‘Tap and Barrel’ in Pontefract….


Hahaha…yes, that is how my mind works. That is what you have to put up with when you dip into Wunna land. But our shoes really are dating now. (Well mine are en route to me..so one they do, we’re going to the pub in them so they can go on their first outing together, This is our shoes i’m on about. πŸ™‚ Yes..i know. However, he did then tell me that ‘his supercolours wouldn’t fancy my supercolours after they had slagged it in ‘Biggies.’ πŸ™‚ ) SEE! I manage to slope everyone down to my level. πŸ™‚

When i get mine…i’m out in them and i NEVER WEAR TRAINERS. I’m all tits out a peeking, heels are a sneaking!

What else happened?

Oh yeah, that ‘chairman of the Conservative party’ guy who liked me sent me a message asking how he could ‘tempt’ me or ho he could ‘unlock’ me. I get that all that’s meant to be sexy, but it’s far too faffy to nitter natter with when you’re busy. I love luxury. I love to be tempted by it. Yet, when a guy outright asks you what you want or how he can make you like him..it makes them seem less ‘heroic,’ doesn’t it? As girls just want to be swept off their feet magical, by the man of their dreams who just knows how to woo us regardless, without question. That’s how you can tell if someone is naturally a hopeless romantic, or if they see a girl a game, or trophy, or even prize that they can ‘win.’ VERY DIFFERENT. He also referred to me as a ‘hot piece of ass’ (which I am and i’m flattered LOL..so well noticed ) yet i’m cleverly than that and worth a lot more. Don’t get it twisted. But he seemed nice though. What’s happened to London boy? I haven’t spoke to him in days?

Other than all that….Bev and I tried to make people electrocute themselves as part of a game. Adam got a massive spot on his lip. My friend Ben’ who i was out with last night accidentally made out with a minger the other night and life couldn’t be any better…..unless ii won the lottery.






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