Policemen, Break-ins and very sexy TV shows

‘Who the F*** is that!?!’

Welcome to our 5am wake up call. A knock at the door, a half naked lean out of the window by my terribly ‘Handsome Keiran’ and a visit by a local policeman. Yep! We were woken up by the ever lovely ‘policemans knock.’ This morning at dawn ‘o clock, some delightful little nuisance had made the executive decision to break into Keiran’s car..the car that travels us through each brand new chapter of life and steal money out of it. (‘Helllooo Monday morning!’) Now, i’m being quite nicey jolly about it all, yet really i scuzzy little chavs, who mill around breaking into other peoples property. Anything that causes ‘Wunnaland’ to¬†stir and wake up at 5am in the morning, by a policemans knock…attached to a policeman who isn’t really a strippergram is quite perfectly annoying. My Handsome is FUMING. I mean it’s just awful when that happens and well i’m fuming because Glamour Puss extra-ordinare has just had to WALK..yes WALK to breakfast, IN THE WIND…due to waiting for the car to get dusted for fingerprints. MAKE MONEY. Don’t steal it. *Yawn.*

Okay, now back to the fun stuff! Not last even, but the evening before Keiran and I had enjoyed a bit of a barney. We had celebrated life with drinks and light lunches, managed to get into a bit of a ‘love tiff,’ which caused me to ‘Diva’ off to the car, leaving him in the restuarant, with my half a gin and then him deciding to go out and party until 5am in the morning (which i don’t enjoy at all) whilst i stayed home and looked after my delicious baby Ruby. ( I forced him to give me his pair of house keys. It upset him, so he rebelled and opted for nuisancing.)

I was sooo excited because the next day was my first ever Mothers Day AND it was my first day of filming for the new show that i’m on. YIPPEEE! Life couldn’t actually be any better. Luckily, after many of phone convo during the process of the evening, he returned with a more gentle attitude and a lovely morning ‘i’m sorry.’ Now, we’re back to ‘fairytale’ after a bit of quick ‘patch up,’ and i’m looking at him happily, knowing that he is my very true love. The good that he does for me completely out weighs the bad. Yet it doesn’t mean i’m going to let him get away with the bad. ūüėČ I’m a¬†feisty doll-fest.

Yesterday at 4pm and after a massive clean and a play in the garden by baby Ruby, a gorgeous ‘Heather’ came around to come and film us for a brand new show! I am soooooo excited because it’s all happened so quickly, it’s such a WONDERFUL show and well i just can’t believe that i’m part of it! I’m over the moon and keeping my wiggle alive. I’m feeling confident, feisty, strong, delicious and quite quite marvellous. Our lives are changing so fast as each week passes. One minute, we’re on some random wedding challenge, thinking that was the height of our adventure, with the occasional nursery run and a book launch to organize and the next minute, we’re both filming for a big tv show and will be for an entire YEAR, for the most AMAZING and most¬†¬†sexy project EVER!

We sat on our sofa, interviewed, chatted, filmed, got excited, opened up, giggled and had the most naturally amazing time. We’re both still in shock, but i’m sooo grateful and just ‘jumping up and down’ excited! (Ruby was being filmed too…clapping and stealing things, with her ‘comedy’ face was her forte. I’m accidentally raising an ‘it’ baby AND an ‘IT’ hubby-to-be. Yet i wouldn’t have it any other way. I cannot believe we’re on this project. I’ll tell you more about it later, when it’s actually absorbed into my kitty cat heart. The great thing is that i finally get to be ME, that glitzy, opinionated, warm giggled, bit of quite open Glamour Puss. I get to work with great people, great minds and have once in a lifetime kinda fun! It is insane how fast your life can change…so believe that it can, if you really are in a rut. Plus, it’s crazy how my ‘fairytale’ with Keiran is moving forward. We’ve accidentally started doing a lot of things (work-wise) together and now we’ve shocked our pretty little (blissfully tanned) selves! I’m brimming over with EXCITEMENT and Heather the director, is one of the most genuine people i’ve ever had record¬†my journey. I’m really happy to be working with her…and mainly because she told me i was ‘unique’ and had this amazing ability to make people happy.’ Awww! It’s perfect when you work with people who understand you and well Keiran and i will be filming with her for an ENTIRE YEAR! (Oooh a Policeman’s here and stood on my patio. He’s not a strippergram.)

Right now, i’m bubbling over with a pure giggly happiness, i’m madly in love, i’m feeling sexy, i’m feeling lucky, i’m loving being a mum, i can’t wait to finish organizing my book launch, i can’t wait to marry my ‘hubby-to be’…i have a delicious surprise getaway planned for him for his birthday in 6 days and i’m a kitty cat who feels on top of the world.

I feel like i’m going to get to empower woman all over the nation and really help them find their inner ‘ooh laa.’ It’s perfect, it’s inspiring and it’s very Chrissie Wunna. (I’m even in shock, so Lord knows how Keiran’s feeling. One moment he’s in the army, the next he finds an accidental wife and now he’s filming a tv show.)

LIFE is WUNNAFUL!!!! Take chances, life, love and enjoy the marvellous things you have going on in your life. Ditch the negative and move forward with your bundle of ‘happy.’ Add a *wink* and a bit of a wiggle and you will have victory.

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