Playing ‘Pamper’ With Tha Boys


Okay so i’m not sure what’s happened today, but i’m sure as hell doing a bit well with the fellas! (Winky Wink.) I’m being inundated with love, lust and voiced affection, by the other half of mankind, (well apart from the odd delicious ‘wants to sexy Facebook chat with me’ lesbian,) who possess ‘ding-a-lings/willies/& meatsticks.’ Yep, the boys have decided they want a bit of ‘The Wunna’ in their life and have thrown their merry lovely selves at me from the greatest of heights. I feel a Christmas fling coming on. (I love flings! I love men.)

Now, i’m not one to brag (boast, boast, brag) but i’m absolutely LOVING it!! I mean, it’s dead easy being a Glamour Puss. You can sort of simply sit, pout, wink and be funny. Then before you know it gentleman from all over the world are wanting to buy you plane tickets to come and ‘sun’ with them and purchasing flowers, simply to make you smile. Then actually posting you champagne, so that you feel a little more romanced, or mailing you a phone…YEAH…i got a new Blackberry…just so you will communicate with them much more.

I’m not really one to enjoy the taking of these things (as if, i love it,) because i do know that nothing is ever for FREE. I mean, there’s always a way you end up having to ‘pay’ for it. But today, it’s been deliciously divine. I’ve had a guy, the one that throws a javelin, who i went to school with, pretty much stalk me ALL day, simply because he wants to PAMPER me. Then 2 other boys asked to do the same. Yet almost insisted!!!!!  Now, i’m not a silly bitch and i know, being the charmer that i am, (wink wink,) that they probably just want to get their dirty little ends away, right? I mean, i’ve bought boys. (Oh shut up, it’s easy.) But NO…infact one of them even said, ‘You need to learn to just beable to ‘hang out’ without having sex Wunna.’ (LMAO!!) Infact, he even suggested he taught me, for practice. (Hanging out, that is…and not sex. I mean Come on here. At 4 i pretty much had Barbie naked humping Ken, Rabbits and Myself.)

But today I declined all offers, because when you have options you don’t really want them anymore. And also because i don’t fancy any of the gentleman and basically just fancy the ‘pamper’ part. I’m an honest girl…so i told them that. However, they don’t seem to mind?? Now, do i just go around them all and let them ‘PAMPER’ away….which is quite awfully user. But it makes them happy apparently, making me smile? Or do I do what i’ve been doing and simply *giggle* it off, with an ‘aah no no.’ (Haha..i love that phrase. I used to say it whilst giggling and running away from an overly sexy ‘Latin Lover’ around a room, who had eyes that looked like he was going to eat me!!)

I love this game of ‘Pamper.’ I wish i played it more as a child. I mean why play ‘Post Office,’ or ‘Waitress’..when in REAL life you grow up to be a Glamour Puss and ‘Pamper’ is the only game that a Glamour Puss will ever grow up to play. (I’ve just rummaged in my bag and found 2 pieces of paper. One reading ‘Terry’ (in black bio) and a number. The other says

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