Plain Sailing Thursday


Have we actually made it to Thursday in one piece? If you have..and ofcourse I have, then you have my sincere congratulations, as you have quite cleverly managed to handle the ‘hump’ of the week and sail into your ‘almost weekend’ like a champion! Touche! Wine for everyone!

Well, what i can say about today is that, it seems that even though we’re still only in July, Summer is coming to an end and I know this as people are already trying to ‘couple up.’

Now, i’ve told you my theory a zillion times, about Summer being a time for fun, flings, nothing serious, six packs drinking and holidays, haven’t I!

Well the second phase of that is the ‘now it’s almost Autumn/Winter’ and you know this as people start to decide they need a girlfriend or boyfriend, ready for the cold, Wintery and somewhat cosy months. Don’t feel bad if this is you, as really it’s human nature. We all love a spoon session with some being who we hope cares about us, as we go into the colder seasons and the fact that my work mates have ALREADY begun the ‘i need love’ talks, assures me that Winter is on it’s way!

I’ve had Danielle moan because she needs a man. I mean, we were washing out teapots, and writing her a pretend ‘lonely hearts’ ad, all at the same time. I’ve had Adam…eat a chargrilled chicken salad..that I actually made him…talk about how he adores a bit of a settle down, with a girl, when it comes to Christmas. It’s all happening…and it totally makes me smile.

I’m kinda lucky, because i have children, meaning regardless Christmas is ace for me! I also have a birthday in the cold seasons, meaning, it’s also fun!

But i’m certainly one who adores a snuggle, a spoon and a lot of cuddly love as we cruise into Autumn…)I mean I know that we’re still very Summery, but the Summer time sadness is approaching and the ‘coupling up’ season is en route. I watch it happen to folk EVERY YEAR and i’ve completely lived for yonks! So choose a jumper, a guy, a girl and a spooning partner and get ready for a bit of love.

I mean it’s also that weird transition time where people think about their Summery love decisions and decide as to whether they made a good choice or not? When the suns out and we’re heated…we do foolish things and like a statement i JUST read on Facebook, there are people who are not together who are utterly in love and people who ARE together, who really aren’t in love at all!

You never want you love life to ever be like that, as you should be coupling up or marrying your best friend, someone who understand you, supports you and adores you anyway. Not some that makes you feel like you need to adjust your step, your move, way of thinking or life. If they are not your dream girl or guy, they are NOT the right soul mate. Simples! And you know this right away because your gut instinct will tell you.

So enjoy what’s left of Summer…I mean, unless you’re going on holiday LIKE ME.. 😉 soon…it’s pretty much dusted and start thinking about and preparing for what lies ahead.

My mum sent me an awesome message two days ago, saying that there are only two days that we cannot so anything about and that’s ‘yesterday’ and ‘tomorrow. So although you are prepping for the future…make sure you’re concentrating on the the moment that matters, which is totally and utterly your present.



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