Picture Taking, Single Mumming & Work


I’m still at work, but as soon as I get done, and i’m armed with babies, a hand bag, a dolly *ooh face* that is over eyelashed…I  have to race home (which just means, casually, but funkily drive my Mercedes home, to ‘Sax’ by Fleur East,) get organised, get changed and immediately shoot a couple pictures for The Sun Newspaper thing, at home.

Obviously, I work through the day so the onyl time they have to do it, is in the evening. The journalist has a deadline, so needs the article out as soon as and is therefore sending a photographer, to my home in Pontefract, to quickly take a couple *snaps.* (Pictures of me and not just odd finger snapping, in my living room.)

Then it’s Ruby time. Tea time. Ben’s on his diet time. And wine.

Junior’s at Keiran’s….and i miss him so madly already because he doesn’t like going and i have no clue why, as Keiran’s not reall ybad to him? I don’t think???  I mean, Junior spent the day with Ben yesterday and when i swung through the door after work, Junior beamed with laughter because he had had such a great day. It radiated from him and for that, I couldn’t thank Ben more. It made every inch of my soul happy. It was lovely! It meant so much. Yet to be honest, even when you’re in a relationship, and you have 2 children that are yours previously, you kinda still feel like a single mum, because you’re very aware that the new addition, may not adore your children they way you do or the way you want them to, or they may not see your children as ‘their’ responsibility….It’s an odd feeling. But I think all step mums and step dads should be responsible, as when they step into your world…the package is very obvious. Ben’s really good with the children…and he’s sort of learning along the way, as he’s never been in a situation where in which he’s been a ‘live in’ parent.

But yes, once you’re a single mum, you kinda always feel like a single mum and it’s lovely and awful all at the same time.

The great thing is the BOND that you end up having with your babies. Nothing is better. It’s amazing!

See you soon…

I’m off to get home, get ready and shoot pictures.




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