Pick Flowers Not Fights


Gorgeous morning filled with love, mummyhood, a return of my delicious hubby-to-be…followed by random girl ‘hate mail.’ #snazzy. Now, i don’t mind the insecure having a go at my kitty cat self. I’m not one to take myself that seriously, so i’ll read them with a wine and giggle, on late nights. But really…when a jolly bunch of girls, who maybe wish they could shimmie in Wunna land, (and the glitzy doors are open to everyone, meaning if you’re not allowed in you must be more than horrific)  have a go at my darling little Baby Ruby, for the sake of winding me up and making themselves feel  a little more mighty…it pisses me off. Judge me on a picture and you’re foolish, as no-one sees the moments, where Rubes and I sit up with a giggle and go through intense wiggly repeats of ‘Twinkle Twinkle’ in no face and comfies, in a room that’s filled with fairytale love. I guess, when they’re a mum, they’ll get it. AND the ‘hate mail’ girl is located in The fricking Bahamas!! I mean, who in their right mind is flouncing around The Bahamas and spends their uneducated time Googling ‘Chrissie Wunna’ and then mailing her joyously evil messages of hate. Lol. Grab a Malibu, a hammock bound hottie and chill honey. Only a true Glamour Puss, knows the correct way to spend her time. I can think of at least 5 million more things i could do when Bahama bound, than send ‘hate mail,’ to a slanty eyed floozy in West Yorkshire. Yet you can’t all be as brilliant as me. 🙂  #you’lllearn (Part of me is secretly happy that i’m worthy of a Bahama ‘Google’ sarch and able to wind people up when they’re in an exotic land by simply doing nothing but existing. 🙂 )

On a more positive note, I’m a lucky girl for accidentally being blessed with a wonderful life, so wonderful i can name it ‘Wunna Land.’ Last year i was gifted with the most yummy little girl ever. This year, i have a book out, i’m filming and i met the man of my dreams…i’m getting married this August. *Excited! (This is the moral part of the preachy story) Therefore instead of pulling out the happy ‘hate’ stick. You might as well adore me for it. 🙂 I’m only at the beginning…and that’s even after a decade in Hollywood. Those who can’t be inspired by me, don’t have to be…yet watching someone do well to the point where it makes you ‘urk’…is not only 2006…but also proves that you are yet to conquer and understand love, life and success. Like i always say, good things only happen to good people. Champions are inspired by those who do well. They learn from them and rocket ahead on a glitter rocket, under confetti showers. But anyway, my morning rant is over…Lol. I have my hubby-to-be back for a couple days and a wedding to plan. Life couldn’t be any better…AND omg it’s actually mildy sunny. However, still not booty short worthy. (Okay, now i know that i am really losing my touch. Life is always booty short worthy.)

I’ve got a lot to organize right now and well i’m trying to not let it get the better of me. I’m never playing with shingles again, therefore i’m learning to ‘breathe’ it out, before turning ninja…as i’m a firecracker of feisty, filly folly and well it really doesn’t do me, or any other lovely being, any favours. I will admit that i often need a slap. But right now, it’s not worth it, as i’ll only use it as an excuse for a rest…and a rest i just can’t tend to.

The wedding is my current big focus and everything else is having to take a momentary back seat. Beautiful Kelly informed me that i actually only had 8 weeks until i become ‘Mrs. Glitzy. Thompson’ and well now we really need to get our glass slippers on ‘function’ mode. Kelly is a list maker and vital to my wedding victory. Without her i’ll probably go bonkers. Keiran returned from Wales at 6am this morning, tired, but filled with utter love. We’re quite a busy little couple..(even though none of us, including Rubes managed to want to wake up to tend to the nursery run. Lol) I need to make sure the wedding goes perfectly, in order to mark my love for my hubby-to be. Luckily Kelly completely ‘gets me.’ I sat on her black leather sofa, and watched her get me into order, with a ‘Chrissie, i obviously figured that the best way to find the exact right things for it all, would be to simply Google *Bling Weddings.’ 🙂 I LOVE IT!! And i can’t AT ALL WAIT!!

Right now life is all, flowers, look for dresses, order invitations, find the entertainment. Yet because the wedding is going to be on your telly box next year, i’m having to coincide it all with the perfect wording and follow perfect instructions, in order to make it all mess into one big, delicious ‘champagne kiss’ of a fairytale.

I feel bad for Keiran and i right now because i’m literally blogging, emailing my work peeps, figuring out the wedding arrangements and mummying my lovely little girl…whilst he’s only just returned from work, and is on the sofa right now having to frantically organise (with very little sleep) is next blast of ‘work away’ which is coming up this Wednesday. There really are not enough hours in the day for an odd little bit of romance. But we’ll get there…and we’ll do it better than any body. 😉

Must go! Oh and dollies pick flowers, not fights. They go better with stilettos and a wink.

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