Phone Tag

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Ugh! I’m playing ‘phone tag’…which is ‘tig’ in Britain and rubbish on both continents. 🙂 You know when you just NEED to be in contact with a being..and us girls are shitty when it comes to things like this lol..but when you just need to talk to someone and you keep constantly and quite accidentally MISSING their call, text or message, simply due to life…well..nothing is more ANNOYING! Haha. I’m driving myself NUTS! Lol.

Every single time i ‘sign on’ I’ve missed the message that i needed to be online for. UGH! It’s just my luck. But i’ll live. I mean at the end of the day, The Gods love me, so they make things work out, pretty much all the time. But i tell you all…it really does get on your glitzy tits..knowing that you were moments away from ‘victory.’ LOL I mean, this online business is great, but when things are harder and you have the means to text, why wouldn’t you just text the person, right? I mean, i have my phone on me constantly. Haha. Oh Lord!

Today, i worked. It was one of those ‘did it anyway, but couldn’t be arsed’ days. 🙂 Still littered with laughter however. But i just couldn’t be bothered, My mind was elsewhere…and i kinda liked where my mind was. 🙂

Anyway, it’s my birthday in 7 days!!!! I turn 34 and i can’t wait!! I’m snagging the weekend off, to just celebrate and breathe. I have zero plans, but i’m sure plans will just occur my nature. I love my birthday and well…fingers crossed…what i’m thinking…will happen.

Other than that, i currently have a vino, the babies are in bed and life is awesome.

I have it all planned.

God!! I hope everything just slots into place. I don’t think i’ve ever felt like this before. It’s odd, but i’m loving it.

Chrissie x

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