Perfectly Impractical and a bunch of raw meat

You know married life is perfect, when your brand new hubby to be, in his utter moment of absolute ‘on a raw foods diet,’ hunger, eyes YOU up, then eyes up an under cooked egg that is seemingly waiting for his delicious attention, all bald and sexy, with an ‘eat me papa, eat me,’ roll in it’s manner, then eyes YOU up again, when you are now all glamour pussy and doughie eyes, with warm open arms, awaiting a smoochie and a cuddle….only to then see ‘the hubbster’ take one long, final, lustful look at the overly flirtatious under cooked eye, before he comes running into your merry kitten arms, for a cuddle…with a ‘Baby i love you. You are SO good to me.’ He did with laughter quite honestly state that there was a brief moment where his caveman instinct did run the internal mind question of ‘what’s more important to me, my wife or an egg?’ 🙂 Yet the moral of the story is a good man will always make the right decision for both his lady and his very handsome self. Haha. Adopting a new raw food regime makes you hungry all the time and makes you think eggs are a sexier pull then ‘Chrissie Wunna.’ So i’ll forgive him. 🙂 However,  I am feeding Keiran pretty much every hour and a half and with utter glee. (I weirdly enjoy feeding him. It’s like a new game called ‘Wifey.’ I’m actually a much better wife than i am a girlfriend. Who’da thought! He’s well impressed with me so far, as I am him. We ended that previous egg converstaion with kisses and then proceeded to pretend that we were Prince Harry and ‘some bird’ in Vegas. I found myself being thrown up and down into the air, with my little Burmese legs, straddled around my chunk-a-hunka’s waist, and my arms playfully around his neck, whilst giggling and ‘ooh’ facing, in the mirror behind him, as we pretended to play ‘sexytime’ for random comedy value, by two artificial rose trees that we haven’t yet sent back to the store after renting them for the wedding. We have such a wonderful relationship, that i can’t even believe how magical it actually is! I have married the most amazing man ever…and well i’m sure i deserve a trophy or something for it, as i’ve certainly down Cupid proud, now that i’m a love bunny poster child….on the Pinot Grigio. We’re really happy and when a girl marries the man of her dreams, she feels alive, loved and looked after. When a guy marries his dream girl, he feels loved, secure and well…like a fricking  hero. It works. I love that he looks at me and tells me what a wonderful wife i am and how beautiful i am. The fairytale couldn’t be written any better…we’ve even stopped fighting. That’s been shelved away with a gummy label suck stamped to it reading ‘PAST.’ I’ve kicked it into a dusty closet somewhere for rats to eat and wee on. Were moving forward in our brand new chapter and although we’re very much still on Cloud 9, we are now back to work, reality and treating ourselves to a future of champions. (Note to all women: If a man is on the raw foods diet, he is horny all of the warned. Our sex life has always been fantastic but now that we’re married and he’s eating caveman style…it is phenominal!)

Anyway…i’ve been really really productive today. I’m having the worst luck with laptops, however i’ve finally managed to find my tiny pink laptop that Wazza fixed in the bottom of Rubys toy box, under some counting book and a pink ‘freaks me out’ battery operated fluffy dog, that wlaks and barks when you don’t want it to. Now that i’m all wed and chipper, it’s time to get back to work and if anything i’ve been on it like a chief. i’ve always been someone that wants to do well in life and well i believe if you try that little bit harder than most, you’ll get there…and i will.

Today, i managed to make a delicious circle of phone calls. No-one picked up, So i glamourously sipped a wee bit of my morning wine :), adjusted my tiara, picked up my Blackberry and made the same calls again. IMMEDIATELY. This time two of them picked up, so i felt far better about myself and my quest to take over the world and be like Bethenny the NYC ‘Real Housewife’ who sold her skinnygirl cocktail brand for $100 million dollars. I then re-blushered, winked at my mirror image…and made the same calls again. It worked. I’m a glitzy kitty fantastico. So hopefully i’ll have all my meeting sorted and scheduled in no time.

The thing about life and especially my life…with the people in it, is that something always happens, but something always happens because i’ve always put them into motion and maybe forgotten about them.

Keiran and i got a good news phone call the other evening. One of those where you can get all excited and take a big deep breathe with a ‘yeah baby.’ Before the wedding, maybe like a month before, we went to Manchester to audition for a show. We found out the evening before yesterday that we had got on it. So just like that, when we though the wedding was the biggest thing we could ever do, life lets us *pause* for a second, then throws us another juicy bone of excitment, to keep us on the right path, which is rolling to success and hopefully a bar. A posh one.

But yeah…in a week (and Keiran’s currently away working. He left this morning looking far to hot for 6am, with a kiss and a mild moan about his legs not working due to him blasting them out at football practice, running club, the gym and sex..) we’ll be heading over to London to do one whple day of filming for ITV with none other than the ‘done extremely well for himself’ Mark Wright! How amazing! I can’t tell you anything else…yet we’re really happy to have been given such an opportunity. So we’ll see…and you’ll see when it’s on the telly box. We’re so lucky right now! It’s crazy. I mean, this time last year-ish we were just about to meet, we got together, we dated immediately, fell in love, after 5 weeks, he prososed, we did romance, dates, love, my birthday, our first Christmas, the new year, Valentines day, Baby Ruby’s first birthday, followed by a photoshoot for More Magazine. We then raised £4000 for charity,in a week with Radio Aire as part of their ‘5Brides 1 Wedding’ competition. The More magazine article came out. Keiran was in it twiced and then booked modelling jobs where he strutted his stuff on a catwalk a jolly few times, modelling for London and Liverpool fashion week, we went to auditions, we travelled to London and pounded the pavement with agencies, we changed our lives, we celebrated him birthday in a forest log cabin. I then got on a show…we both began filming for it and well we still are. During that time, we arranged a wedding in two months and had the most beautiful day when we finally married this Aug 12th…it’s been one week and we’re now off to London in a week to do more filming for a new show…at the same time as him working and running his security company, me organizing my book and continuing filming the current show that i’m honoured to be a part of. WTF! It’s amazing! Then with all of that we get to watch little Baby Ruby grow up right before our very eyes…talking, walking and wiggling away with her curly pigtails and cheeky eyes. I feel really really blessed.

LIFE IS GOOD! Not just for me, but for everyone, you just need to be able to see it and filter out the parts and the people who litter it with negativity and surround yourself with good people, and even greater habits. You will not go wrong then. Especially if you’re in killer heels. *Yeah baby.*

I had to do a quick baby interview today for a ‘biog,’ which ended up with both ends of the phone call in stitches. It’s my favourite thing to do…chitter chatter about nonsense with a giggle, for the art of entertainment. I can’t remember all of the convo as excitement got the better of me, but i do remember saying ‘i just sort of sat in the corner, fanned myself and pouted at my mirror image.’:) Then i remember saying something about how ‘scrubbing gussets’ didn’t make me sound very glitzy and that i was highly impractical and had no idea how anyone keeps things tidy, with me being a more of a ‘kick off my kitten heels’ kinda gal.

Anyway, i home Friday treats you as well and finds you as much of a delight as I do!

It’s vino o clock here in Wunna Land…even though i’m now a ‘Thompson.’ I can’t wait for Rubes to get home, we’re having a Mummy/Daughter slumber party tonighta…it always just ends with me getting slapped. #yippee (I’m missing Keiran already.)


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