People are nicer in Hollywood

Just woke up, got showered and feeling lovely! I’m strong like bull, i’m all neon, and army pants and brimming over with total ‘joie de vivre’. I’m happy ,chirpy, grateful and ready to start my long day!! And what a beautiful day it is!!! I’m solar powered, so the sun is totally working for me and giving me all this un- called for energy. Oh, and just wanted to say thankyou, for all the hate mail i recieved from the ‘Zoo first timers, winning week’ girl’s bosom buddies. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Do i really look like a man??? Hope not, as then i totally got jipped in the ‘trouser’ department. But anyway, i laugh in the face of danger…and all that good stuff!! (mwahahahaa!) God, i need some food…starving

I’m feeling good today, and i hope you do too, so here are some kisses, ‘xxxxxxxxxx.’ (hope it helped get you through tuesday!) You know, i’m quite thick skinned for a previously very senstive child, yet this whole judging of me, by the Brits, is starting to really piss me off. In Hollywood, they LOVE me…no matter what. It’s almost unconditional, yet you brits, are deciding to rip me to pieces…before even building me up goddamit!! haha! When people follow me in their cars in LA, it’s usually men and they’re hitting on me, or screaming, ‘I LOVE YOU.’ Over here, in the good old Motherland…where we’re supposed to be ‘quiet and dignified,’ the dearest of folk follow me around, and hurl the most disgusting abuse at me…and for no reason. Infact, whilst the street people of LA are telling me i’m fabulous, making me smile, and all that wonderful hoo-raa, the brits are coming up to me and talking dirty in my ear, calling me a ‘Slut’ and telling me where they’d like to stick their ‘Oopsy’! You’d think it be the other way around right? But ah -well, i can’t wait to get my arse back home to the nice people of Hollywood.

Hope you all have a wonderful day…big smiles, big kisses, big love!! xxx

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  1. the sceptics aint as nice as us chrissie i aint having it babe? u come essex and we would love a girl as attractive and on the level as u babe? and we tell it how it is not fileld with cheese im sorry u are getting fragels piping chrissie have a great day babe take care treacle tda scratch


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