Penny For The Guy Much?

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Happy Bonfire night, even though it’s day…but i don’t care, it’s my favourite ‘smell’ of the year and my mission of the day is to get romantically kissed under fireworks, by a ‘Handsome’…ANY ‘Handsome’ just so i can say I did it. And since the whole entire night will be lit up my bitty, multi-coloured sprays of light, all i really need to do is stand under the actual sky to get smooched. How hard can it be? I mean, i might have to use the fucking ‘conversation & Hennessey’ approach…or kiss a tramp, but FUCK it…I’m IN!!! Penny for the guy? (

3 thoughts on “Penny For The Guy Much?”

  1. powerful pic miss wunna u look the bollocks how u been treacle i have missed talking to u i hope u have been out causing mischief as always me old mucka

  2. i know my puntuation and grammer is spot on ha haha . im pleased u missed me and im pleased u are good i well missed your banter and your pics of your guns 🙂


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