Well, today is Friday, but it’s not just any old Friday, it’s PAY DAY FRIDAY, meaning that it is simply the most AWESOME Friday on the block! Yipppeeee! *Knickers in the air…cocktails in a confetti shower.*

Now, these days, more than anyone, I love a good blow out. (Oh er.) But what I actually mean is that I enjoy feeling free, celebrating life and congratulating myself with drinks in a ‘high five’ kinda nature, for all the work that i’ve plonked into my schedule throughout the month! (I work hard. I do. Honestly. AND, I have done cocktails through the week, but that’s merely because i’m a Glamour Puss.)

Right now, there’s a lot of stir around my love life. I’m single. In case you didn’t know. Lol. However, it seems that folk are quite eager to know who i’m going to date, who i’m dating, if i’m hooking up with boys, who i’m hooking up with, who will win the heart of this random Asian Glamour puss…and just basic what is she up to in that department?

I’m ready to date. As in have a boy partner to do a bit of life, Spring…or whatever with. So, i’m observing, as my other male counterpart will have to go through quite a change and quite a lot of *hoo haa* as that is simply what comes with Wunna land….immediately everyone saunters into your business…which for me, is a joy…yet for someone who isn’t quite used to it…it can be daunting.

Right! So, i’m working all day! The babies have Daddy time in the evening, meaning my Friday will consist of WORK, checking into a hotel, Friday night Ponty drinking, in a dress, heels and a wink, chilling in a hotel room, then doing setting off to London tomorrow, to again check into a hotel, watch the absolutely delicious Forbidden Nights Boys (who I always refer to as ‘naked dancing boys’ and I shouldn’t really, as that’s like calling strippers ‘hoes’ and being a girl from a Glamour model past…i should simply know better. 🙂  HAHA.)

But yes, Ponty partying this evening, then a London show at The Clapham Grand Theatre, where I will be VIP at the show, so come say ‘Hi’…even though i’m sure you’re eyes will be elsewhere ladies! Then i’ll be out at the club until 3am. So, you can come party with me also…Again…VIP….Free…and fun. (Luckily, i’m made for this…so i’m not going to be as shattered as you think. Even though Ihave eyelash line promo inbetween! OH AND WELL DONE TO @SHONAMACKIE who won the SCREEN NATION AWARDS goodie bag, with my lashes in!!! MY LASHES ARE DOING SOOOOOOOOOOO WELL RIGHT NOW! Over 700 retweeted and retweeted to win a set in the bag of ‘goodie.’)

So, i have a busy weekend, and The Forbidden Nights show is actually work…as I will be REVIEWING with my beady little single eyes. 🙂  It just sounds like pleasure, because it’s such an awesome thing to review. However, like I said, i’m Chrissie Wunna…who else would you get in to VIP blog it. 🙂 I’ll be there from 7.30 pm Saturday,t hen out until 3am! Join me! (All my Yorkshire friends seem to be dropping like flies, due to birthdays, boyfriends, black plagues and all sorts. But nonetheless…i’m there and I feel so lucky. I CAN’T WAIT!)

Right, i’ve got to get changed for work. So i’ll love you and leave you.

I’m out tonight, not sure where, but out and about in Pontefract, so come play!

I love ‘Hotel night’ simply because it takes me away from mundane life and i’m only staying at a local Premier Inn. (Saturday i’m staying at The Mayfair. 😉 ) Remember that time my boiler broke down and instead of using blankets, I checked the children, oh and husband at the time into a different hotel for FIVE NIGHTS running. LOL. That’s my logic.)

Talking about husbands, and yes i’ve had three, before you all start. One of Mikey’s fans (My first husband, who’s now the movie star, lol…my first love…we were each other’s first love) messaged me last night and i get a lot of his fans messaging me, to find out all sorts of juicy gossip. However, last night, this girl named Jess, was so sweet and It was obvious that she was a Mikey fan simply because she had changed her Facebook surname to ‘Raymond James.’ Lol. (I remember when I thought I was going to be Christina Raymond James….then I found out his actual surname was ‘Weverstad’ so I was that instead. I chatted to her, simply because she seemed so lovely…and it was weird because i usually try and avoid all Mike convos, sue to it all being brought up and being brought everything was left unfinished, even though we both ended u having to move on, simply because I got on a plane and flew to England. But it was good to chat to her, as that something that I close off and box away, when really the health thing to do about anything is to chat, let it out, let it go and move forward. It’s done now, Mike and I have great memories. It’s my chapter now!

Roll on PAY DAY FRIDAY, new fun, boys, weekend cocktails, friends, hotel rooms  and good times!!!

Life is great! I couldn’t be happier xx







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