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OMG! I’ve been catching up on sleep, working, being Mum and partying. Like I stated earlier, i’m doing that part of my life, where I just tend to living…it sort of makes being a blogger easier, as you swirl around in your own life fodder and well it seems wherever there is Wunna…there is chat.

So, Tuesday night of last week, I ended up doing drinks with friends. It was weird because i was in the pub first and when I enter a pub, (and because I always look odd) all eyes seemed to be glaring at me like I was a prossie, or Michael Jackson. Drinks were great. Shouldn’t have drank wine. It gets me pissed too fast. Ended up in ‘Biggies’ (the local nightclub, incase you are unaware of Pontefract life) and armed with a friend named ‘Danny.’ (Who had agreed to good times in Big Fellas, by accident. We’d chatted all night and had drinks in flashing lights, so we felt safe to play party, on a school night.

Once in ‘Biggies’ I ran into work mate Adam…who I always refer to as ‘Baby Adam’ because he’s 18 and my ‘in work’ Husband…and after drinking alcopops, swinging around stripper poles, tending to boy drama, chatting, laughing, living and drinking more alcopops…it soon turned into 2am and light were up.

I was in work for 8.30am, and i actually felt right as rain. A bit tired. But right as rain.

Being Mum, day job and lash line work occured. (My lashes are doing great by the way and I’m really proud to say that I managed to partner up with the Screen Nation Awards! I mean, all the award winning Celebs got to wear a pair and well they all messaged me telling me how great they were. It makes me feel awesome.I definitely needed a sit down with my ego.)

There is a LOT going on in Wunna land. Life has become highly social and alongside my day job, my blogging events and business is now booming. It’s busy and when i’m out the more people i meet, making life ‘zoom’ a little faster…however, now that i’m an oldie, i’m keeping up like a champion. (When you’re young, you get lost in it. When you’re older…you sort of know what you’re doing.) I’m in a really good place right now! I’m feeling weirdly popular and lets’ just say it goes well with gin!

Friday night, I ended up doing after work drinks with Jenna and Adam. ‘After work drinks’ is my favourite thing ever. Nothing is better than treating yourself on a Friday, after a busy busy week to a celebratory drinks and I do see it as a celebration…because I work really really hard!

Four baby drinks later, and we all ended up going home, getting changed, doing whatever it was we were doing and going out for more drinks. (Jenna actually rested because she had a big Saturday night planned on her ‘Mate Date.’) I got glammed up, went into town, waited for others to come, they took ages, so I met old school maties at the Broken Bridge (which I actually loved because they couldn’t be acer. ) We sort of have shit loads of memories of being tiny and out around Ponty…so it’s kinda good to be oldies…and watch the young be foolish. Well I say the young, yet ‘Dodge’ decided to be a massive drunk and make new friends. He was soooooooooo pissed and still purchasing yager bombs for strangers…I just looked at him laughing, when he asked which ‘friends’ I would like to hang out with? I pointed ahead with a ‘where are out actual friends?’ He didn’t know? HAHAH. That’s why I love ‘Dodge.’

Then I found Katty, Rich and Scarlett, who were pretending they worked in a call centre and decided to talk about naked dancing boys and willies with stilettos on the end, like a Fairytale come true? (Katty is coming to watch ‘Forbidden Nights’ with me at the weekend. She stated that she may have to put her tongue on a willy, if it all goes well. I’ll just do whatever for a bit of ‘look at me.’ πŸ™‚

Drunk Adam showed up..finally, who’d been at some party somewhere rubbish and we went to ‘Biggies’…to drink vodka and dance to pop songs with what seemed like everyone we knew, once we found them. (That took ages.)

So on Friday night, I was weirdly super popular with the boys? I don’t know what it is with me, but people were doing the ‘off the telly’ stop or the just telling me that I was beautiful thing..but LOTS, I like it obviously because i’m an attention whore, flashy and love everything about a good time. But Friday…i was weirdly over popular.

Adam went home early because he was ‘fucked.’ (After work drinks did him over…even before the party thing he went too.) And there i was…left with a bunch of boys…as my own friends sauntered in…and Holy Shit by the end of the night, after lots and lots of drinks and people showering me with unnecessary compliments..there were just boys circling me…everywhere, all trying to get their merry, berry…moves on? One was trying to be my ‘bouncer’ for the night. He kept trying to escort me places, like I was the Queen…but by wheely bins. He met me once at the Glassroom at Xscape and apparently wanted my number. Then there was some other guy, another who was hanging out with the same group of buddies, who kept buying me too strong drinks and then there was Adam’s mate (who I found out was called ‘Harry’…)

You can sort of tell when boys get drunky and start circling the girl of their affection in that moment. You can see them getting moderately possessive…(which I don’t mind) and fighting for what THEY want against other potential tryers. It’s only funny because they do it behind dance moves. It was fun. I loved it. They were all awesome! All different. But all awesome.

I guess the key to dating me…is to befriend me. I’ll always date a friend over a randomer. It makes me feel safer, as i’ve lived this weird life where boys just seem to enjoy trying to saunter into Wunna land? Now, i’m older, i’ve done well and i feel like a champion.

I stayed in a hotel that night just to feel cosy and get a good nights sleep. I actually do that a lot. AND i will say that I slept in the cosiest bed ever.

My friend ‘Dodge’ ended up in Biggies and just laughed at the commotion that i seemed to be accidentally causing. There were boys, pretend bouncers, young men, old men and crying girls all surrounding me and even Chrissie Wunna fans! Then some douche yelled at me for apparently getting him kicked out the VIP at Kooky. I didn’t actually remember seeing him in my life EVER! Lol. So, it was sort of odd? He definitely got kicked out, but not by me. πŸ™‚ Yet, to be honest…it Β was OUR VIP booth and if someone in our group be it me or anyone, in the VIP…just like that they were gone and security would have them removed. That’s the whole point to a VIP section. And like i said IT WASN’T YOURS, IT WAS OURS! Hahaha! Go blag you’re own ‘Very Important Person’ booth and kick ME out! πŸ™‚

The weekend was all about the babies, as they do their Tuesday and Friday nights out at Daddys’…which is awful. Hence why i always try go keep occupied AND i had been fighting with Keiran, who i just can’t take full responsibility for his actions. I like to home truth’ him and he hates it. I don’t know what he’s up too….but he’s always up to something.

Saturday, I shopped and shopped and shopped for Ruby’s Birthday, WHICH IS TOMORROW! (I can’t believe it, i’m going to cry all day and simply because i’m an emotional wreck and can’t bare her getting big.) I work a lot, so i splurge A LOT on the children, so when it’s a special day…i go for it!

With Ruby it’s important to stick to the list. As she ‘s a girl who wants what she wants. So, i’ve done exactly that. It’s cost me a bomb, but i care not! πŸ™‚ That’s what working is about! I have the day off tomorrow, so i can spend the day with her, which will actually mean more to her than anything else int the entire world. Ruby and Junior live really different lives to most other bambinos that i now, so they’ve learnt to appreciate the little things in life that MATTER.

Last year we threw Ruby a big party. But this year she had just asked to spend it with me and her family…and because it never ever happens. πŸ™

Tomorrow it’s all about her and even though we’ve managed to get ourselves into a massive fight tonight, (we’re both really similar and it shows like a sore thumb) before she actually fell asleep she looked up at me and said, ‘Mum, i’m really sorry i kept shouting and hitting you. I love you. I was just cross. Can we be best friends again?’ And in that moment we rebonded like glue. That’s what I love about being Mum. I’m a good one and my heart is open to the babies ALL THE TIME.

On the boy front..and there seems to be so much gossip about me lately. I’m ready to date…i’m in a good place…I’m just being picky…which is every girls prerogative. πŸ™‚





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