Paris’s Breast Friend??

So this morning i wake up to this!! There’s the ‘Slum Dog Millionaire’ gang, a bit about David Cameron and his baby, Miss. Jade Goody during her hard times, with her lovely new husband and then on top of all that, right next to ‘Peggy Mitchell’ (Good ole’ Babs) are my ‘Good ole’ Babs!’ My TITS!  The Jubblies! ‘Le Rack!’ Once again my bitchy boobs, rape me of my limelight and become showbiz gossip as they tragically try to beat me out the way and entertain Miss. Hilton….in fucking feathers!! Some of you had eggs for breakfast…I had an eyeful of my ‘first born kids’ being whores. I didn’t raise them well. (Mummy didn’t love them…she beat them with wooden spoons, until they cried, and winked at strangers) Hopefully you’ll be tuning  in this merry evening, as not only will there be a bit of ‘Wunna Bum Titty,’ but you’ll also be blessed with the presence of ‘DJ Flicsta’ and ‘Little Hoe Cheap!’ (Who fucked her sheep! And i really don’t suggest you find them!!!) 

‘Paris Hilton’s British Best Friend’  itv2- 9pm TONIGHT

It’s Chrissie Wunna Bitches!!!

6 thoughts on “Paris’s Breast Friend??”

  1. cracking pic chrissie. it is bad a bout poor jade i feel sorry for her but she has to havea prenup as he is well after doe i know people who know him nd he is a bit of a wrongun


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