Paris Hiltons British Best Friend Final

And our baby Sam WINS!!!! Thank the Lord!! I kinda already knew but whatever watching him WIN it was worth it. All i’m gonna say about the final episode is that if Sammie wasn’t in it, (and God he was sexy,) it would’ve been sooo boring. He’s a STAR! (Like Me!)  I mean, i love Kat, i do, she’s a close friend of mine indeedy…however it seems i only love her on the TV,  if she’s being a mega bitch. Whens she’s nice…(and she is in real life,) it’s a bit ‘sad face,” yet she was still better than ‘kiss ass’ Emma. Why do i still think i’ve won??

By this time in the competition no-one really liked Emma that much because they knew she just wanted to be on the telly to further her previously failed singing career. Like her manager sent her to the audition.We had all been moaning because she hadn’t been edited the way she really was in the house. But now i guess ITV exposed her.

Other than that it seems i don’t actually enjoy watching ‘Paris Hiltons British Best Friend’ unless i’m on it. Hahah! It’s only fun for me, if i can watch myself! My ego can’t take it and gets bored. Soo true! Sam won it, the right person out of the three. (If he wasn’t in that Episode it would’ve been a ‘snooze.’ I love Kat, she could’ve been bitchier. Thats it really! It’s all done! Infact the show is actually on in Canada now. I think they’re on Episode 3. So if ur reading this in Canada…i’m a pathological liar. No-one wins it. It’s ALL LIES!! You did not read this. Infact, i think the ‘already knowing who had won’ part, spoilt it for me. So there you go. I spoilt it for you too. HAHAHAH! It’s a wrap bitches! We have some GREAT memories! The best thing i’ve ever done!!

Chrissie Wunna (TTYN)

8 thoughts on “Paris Hiltons British Best Friend Final”

  1. As it wasn’t you (sob), I’m glad it was Sam. He seemed so genuine and he did deserve it. I was so shocked Carrie went first tonight, I hated her for the first 4 episodes but she sort of grew on me!!
    So yay, go Sam!! xx

  2. i didnt watch u wernt itn it spo i went out with me pals for tucker and a few stellas and scotches im pleased your pal won for u babe. but ot be honest i wernt fucked who won after u didnt

  3. Well done sam!! 🙂 yay!
    WEll done chrissie for coming where you done, congrats :)! U we’re hilarious btw haha 🙂 im sure paris still be ur frends tho.. she’ll miss your laugh haha 🙂 x

  4. im just pleased u said tyhat divvy bird didnt win she done me cannister right in u should of well won u know the same gaffes she does and know la it is both of yours mannor so u could help her out over here and in her ends chrissie


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