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Morning!!! I’ve finally on my weekend and so much has happened, I’ve worked my booty off, I’e tended to my gorgeous little children, I’ve been writing up all the pages for my new lash site and i’ve been chatting to the ever so handsome and passionate Spanish Doctor.

Gosh, he is delightful and one of the most amazing men I have ever been interested in. He’s so attentive, romantic, lusty yet honourable, it’s unbelievable…so I’m excited to see him and tend to our first date. He’s tells me that he’s completely captivated by me, like he’s never felt before with a woman. (I’m a woman now, not a girl. 🙂 ) And lets just say when you sprinkle that with that Spanish spiciness, style, manners, passionate and romance, he’s a dream. He’s just sexy! And I got it wrong, he’s actually 38! HOT! Roll on Date Night!

I’ve had a busy work week and a great deal on, until it has managed to  get to Date Night. I’ve been rushing around doing all kinds of work like things, as well as successfully recovering from my hospital trip. EVERYONE, Guinness and High Iron foods, like Liver..WORK!!! Since starting my iron diet…i’ve almost completely halted the *dodgy* process of things…and now I feel all ‘almost’ back to normal. I’ve been tan layering..and you will be impressed with my tan! It’s a total crappy ball ache when you have to do it…yet once you’ve done it and championed your tan layering…I did mine for a week…YOU LITERALLY LOOK DIVINE. I checked myself out this morning at the crack of dawn and was *shocked* at how caramel *winky* I looked! Do layer your tan. It’s amazing! OR get a wonderful, big old spray tan…as then you don’t have to layer. I just couldn’t fit it in between work, babies, meetings and talking to the date!

So, I posted a co parenting message and picture up on my Facebook and it was really well received. I mean, I get a lot of messages in regards to how it all works and how I am with Pete and Keiran…and to be honest, we are probably THE BEST set of parents, who work together all three ways to love and care for the children… So yes, it may not be the standard, boy meets girl, they stay together, have children and do forever. Yet saying that, both boys and I, are doing forever. In fact…Right now..more than most co parenting troups that I hear of, where there’s just one other boy in question, we are the champions of it making it work, to the point where i could say that Ruby and Junior are the some of the luckiest and happiest babies alive. It’s their own version of stability and they love it.

Pete and I get on really well anyway. Keiran and I have grown so much. I mean when I first met him, Ruby was five months old. Now she’s FIVE years old  AND I have a 2 year old, who was a ‘wedding night’ baby. We’ve grown up so much since then. Right now, and just of recent, Keiran and I are getting closer and closer and getting along better and better. We spend more time chatting, smiling, catching up and rebuilding… and i’ve noticed that when we do…Junior is at his happiest with his Father, as he’s naturally a ‘Mamas boy.’ I like it. They’re getting closer. And even though Keiran may come across as brash and showy to some people, he’s actually soft hearted…and his first EVER real ‘Father/Son’ blood bond is actually with Junior. He’s never experienced such before, even as Keiran’s own role as a son.

But yes, the branches to our family aren’t on paper correct…But our world is filled with a delicious amount of absolute unconditional, love for the children and respect for one another. It is weird to some as you maybe don’t live it, but it works. Ruby knows Pete is her Daddy and calls him that, yet she also refers to Keiran as ‘Daddy Keiran’ because she’s aware that he helped raise her and that he loves her madly. Junior know that Keiran is Father, but when he sees Pete (on a Ruby pick up) he refers to him as ‘Daddy Pete.’ (Mainly because he hears Ruby calling him Dad.) Both’s Dads, will have both children. Pete will take Junior. Keiran will take Ruby. It’s that well constructed! And i’m Mum…so i get to love and be with then both always and moan at the boys when i don’t get my own way! I’m the lucky one! 🙂

I mean next year Junior starts school, so they’ll both be in school together…and when they have plays, parents evenings…all sorts…. ALL THREE OF US, will go, sit together and watch the babies do their do. It’s funny. Yet great! It works! I mean, I wouldn’t even mind if we all took our partners. The more love the merrier! It’s that good right now!

Right, i think i must have had too much to drink last night because I was in the mood for FUN and found it. I haven’t properly drank in ages, so after a couple I felt tipsy and went to bed. Rock n roll. Plus, I didn’t want to feel shabby for my date…but i’ve just woken up and I feel a bit shabby. LOL. I’ve had my dodgy liver breakfast though so i’m fine. If you feel shabby, or hungover the worst ‘wake up’ combination, is liver and ‘Living La vida loca’ by Ricky Martin, on blast. I actually really fancy Ricky Martin..but obviously, he doesn’t fancy…me….or chicks.

Lee my favourite Policeman came into work yesterday, with is happy to see me face and mini scowl. We’d been busy all day though so i didn’t get a chance to properly chatter to him, as I kept having ot rush around and organize…especially because I had things on my mind and places to go straight afterward. But i sooooooooo wanted to speak to him about everything. He’s like my bestie now. It’s like a brotherly bestie. I asked him what he thought of the Doctor and he just sniggered with a ‘he’s confident, a bit full on…but yeah…confident. You’ll have a good time.’ But with massive sarcasm on his face. All boys are hating on my ‘Doctor date.’ Lol. I even told Adam how lovely he was to me and how much my date adored me and he simply smiled, made me make him a cuppa tea and said, ‘until he gets to know you.’ HAHAHA.

The girls however are ALL for it! So there! Boom. I’m going to power dress, seal the deal (like Victoria said) and ace it. From what he says, he already fancies me madly and can’t stop thinking about me…so it’s just smoothing the butter over the bread. Done! Kitty. Do Daa! Lee the Policeman’s funny…he says i’ll have a good night and that if there’s something wrong with him (because I was rambling on about how it was odd that he was single because he’s such a catch) ..well let’s just say Lee, smirked, shook his head and said, ‘You’ll soon find out.’ 🙂 I adore Lee, because i’ll never ever forget how much he cared when i was poorly and the fact that he brought me choccies and magazines. It meant so much, so he’s always wonderful.

But boys ruin everything! I’m layered my tan for this!!! Hahaha

Anyway, this morning, I’ve filled my head with Glamour Magazine, i’m about to watch ‘The Bachelor.’ (My favoruite.) Ruby has played ‘One Direction’ at me a million times and is moaning about how she wants to be rich? Lord knows why??? Something to do with having servants??? (Like Mother, Like Daughter.)

I’m getting Junior back shortly. I’m trotting to Doncaster to get my nails done and to  buy a coat and shoes.

I’m really excited for my date and to see my Spanish Doctor. (I’m sorry that I keep referring to him as that to you, yet I kinda have to right now, as no one knows him, it’s not like he’s in my circle of friends and as soon as I pitter patter a name, or  a picture, he’ll get crazily stalked, messages and all sorts. So i’m politely hiding him…and enjoying my very first date with him.

We’ve literally talked all night.






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