Paco My Rabanne

Love the new commercial for ‘1 MILLION,’ the gentlemens fragrance by Paco Rabanne. There’s sexy dark dance music, sexy moody slick dude and with a magical ‘click’ of his fingers (‘Snap, Snap,’) he’s blinded by photog’s. ‘Click’-and he’s in a hot bar. ‘Click, Click’- out of nowhere appears sexy girl. Another ‘Snap’-her dress falls off! (OOooh!) Final ‘Click’…Lights OUT! That’s MY LIFE, cleverly stolen by Paco Rabanne!! But i get what i want, less with a ‘Click’ and more with a ‘NOW GODDAMIT!’ Therefore the ‘stealing’ in this case is okay.

On the whole, it’s FANTASTIC! I mean, if that actually happens per squirt, it’s a Wunna Winner! I’m almost tempted to buy some myself. Yet something tells me with one squirt, (‘Click, Click’) I’ll just smell like a MAN. And to make it worse, a MAN trying to act like he has ‘1 MILLION.’ Infact, notice how it doesn’t actually state what it’s ‘1 MILLION’ of….as it could just be McChicken sandwiches. Then ofcourse, the whole story’s not so dreamy… unless you’re Vanessa Feltz.

I’ve wanted my own fragrance for AGES! I’m calling it ‘Cocktail.’ With one gentle spritz, you’ll smell like a boozed up old hag. The best thing about it is, if you run out of my ‘scent’ mid-partying…you can just refill the bottle with cheap vodka and sprtiz. OR more importantly, if you run out of ‘booze’ mid-partying…you can pour my ‘perfume’ into your glass and drink!! Multi-purpose! Double the fun, Bitches!

Chrissie Wunna

7 thoughts on “Paco My Rabanne”

  1. it aint bad but it aint gonna make u where paco rabanne is it there stuff is moody it is all about d&g the one that smell choong ting or isse miayke or as we cal it mr miayagi lol . the best advert is the mr t one for snickers

  2. i know i probably sahould but if i was gonna buy the bird some fragrence i would ask her what she like or i wopuld ask john behind the counter whats best. simple soloutin with out me smelling like a tart


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