‘P’ is for Pussycat

‘When i said money can’t by you love…i meant on YOUR salary.’ -Carrie Bradshaw

I’ve totally missed my mouth and spilled ‘accident’ wine down my right boob. (#classy) Oh and when i say ‘accident wine’ i mean vino that you had completely forgotten you had, yet you’ve managed to FIND in the oddest of places, like a big juicy Bacchus . I found my wine in a small white plastic bag, laid by the side of my bed. ‘Accident wine’ that you purchase at a train station ‘Whistle Stop,’ that comes pre-prepared in one of those plastic, foil lidded glasses, 2 for a fiver. Nice surprise. Shit wine. Drank it anyway! Love my life.

Things have gotten much better. I’m happy and sassy and doing whatever i want. I’ve managed to accidentally call two new friends of mine ‘the back seat of a bus,’ i’ve travelled to London for work and engaged in calm hotel room joy, we’ve had a wedding in the family (my own with the handsome hubby Keiran) and a death in the family, the uncle of my handsome hubby Keiran. But most of all we’ve lived and enjoyed every bit of our emotional coaster of unbelievable ‘roller.’

You know when you find yourself doing things in life, that you wouldn’t ever think you’d ever have the chance to do, even a week before you do it, let alone a year before you do it. That’s life right now and it’s joyously bizarre. I am over the moon and filled with love, gimme-gimme, determination, fun and happiness.

Work is slotting itself into place nicely. Entertainment is a brewing. My marriage is a dream and i’m lucky, really lucky to have a wonderful little girl and family. Keiran has truely proved himself as a husband, without him ever needing to and anytime a man does that, you sort of have to thank your lucky stars and guzzle a celebration wine. We’re close right now, after a bumpy couple days earlier and well the thing about us, is that the challenges that life bowl over at us, bring us together. I’m adoring being a wifey and well right now we’re having moments of ultimate comfort and bliss with each other, drizzled over with a glitzy bit of amazement. We’re sort of leading a double life right now of sudden celebrity shoulder rubbing and normal everyday life, but we’re enjoying each second of it, with a wiggle and a macho gun show. 🙂

If i could tell you what was going on…i would. But i can’t.

However, i will tell you i’m exhausted. I’ve only been to London and back, followed by a hard day of tottering around Leeds for work, with my googly eyes and over lashed eyeballs. I’m shattered and need a big sleep. Yet there seems to be no rest for the delicious nor the wicked. (Weirdly saw a guy that was on my train to Upper Warlingham yesterday, on the street outside MY HOUSE today???)

So yeah, all is well…apart from the odd annoying taxi driver. I’m far too tired to blog and my little Burmese toes are all ouchy from stiletto walking, which i usually do so well. Maybe i’m ill, or run down and i don’t even know it? This time last week i was checking into Malmaison with Keiran, for a dinenr and hotel night with friends. It seems so ages ago because so much has happened since then? Time flies when you’re working hard and having fun.

My hubby and i have a goal in life and a goal we not only want to reach, but are willing to put in the effort to reach. We’re learning along the way and loving each other with whole heart.

Everything happens for a reason and sometimes you don’t see the reason until a wee bit later.

I need wine. I love you. Thank you for following my life.



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