‘P’ is for Positive


Woke up over the moon, laid by my gorgeous baby Ruby and my delicious hubby to be. Fair enough, it was to ‘Handsome Keiran’ singing his own version of nursery rhymes, to my responsive little girlio, after an evening of the loudest  snoring ever. (‘Keiran you crazy snored all night, then shocked yourself up!/ Well maybe i had stopped breathing?/ Erm…stopped breathing? You pretty much used up all the oxygen in the ENTIRE world up, with those snores! lol’) I love it really and because he’s nothing short of cute. Even if ‘Tommy’ now ‘ puts the kettle on’ instead of good old fashioned ‘Polly.’ 🙂 He always makes his own words up to songs, yet commits to them fully. We all do it, don’t we. But i can’t handle getting it wrong without feeling odd and to the point where i will foolishly attempt to merge my wrong word, into the right word, like i never ballsed it up in the first place. Haha. Tragico.

Now, i think about it,  last night he made up his own language..that ended up a little bit Chinese, whilst laid on the sofa, wanting me to stroke his head. (Not that head. 😉 That happened earlier in the day. #yeahbaby) You’ve got to love anyone who commits to their own version of words whole heartedly. It means they believe what they believe and love it all the way…regardless. He’s just one of those great guys, perfectly matched to a Wunna…even if i HAVE just had to explain why he should maybe reconsider biting my hands off. (‘Who’d make ya tea and tickle ya back babe? Not me…i’d have no fricking hands!’) The sheer fright of no tea and no tickling saved my little bumpkins. I’m actually quite proud of him right now, with him handling life well, being a great daddy to Ruby, being a loving hubby to be and now running his own company. He’s doing well and well as any girl knows, when the boys do well in the love, work and daddy department…it’s a major turn on. #Pointsscored

Anyway my cutie pies, Wunna land is currently filled with true love, strength and dreams come true right now and when you add a positive beam of laughter on top of all that, you have nothing short of victory. I feel really lucky, really grateful and really happy with the fact that i’m focussing on the wonderful things that this world has to offer, instead of the negative. Like i was saying to the hubbster  just yesterday, as he stood by the patio door and looked up to the skies..you are given 100 years (if ya lucky) to enjoy and make the most of your time on this lovely little earth ball. People forget the bigger picture. We’re all little giggly aliens residing together in a juicy ball suspended in the universe. I’m learning that folk tend to create and make their own drama that doesn’t really matter when it comes to the crunch of what life is about. Once you learn what life is about, then not only will you prosper, but you will be the happiest little kitty cat alive. When you’re happy…you can conquer the entire world.

Yesterday ended up being more productive than i predicted. (Well done me.) There i was thinking i’d toss it off with a jolly bit of laziness. But no! I worked hard, did pretty much everything i needed to and oddly impressed myself and i was even drunk. I kinda still have a little bit more to do. A book launch is a giant thing to enjoy, however a giant thing to arrange. Yet I know how lucky i am and well at the end of the day  it’s better to have a bit of nervy stress over  launching your own book, than to have no book at all, right? I’m happy, i’m positive and not letting anyone drag their bundle of drama into Wunna Land because as soon as i let them, they come trundling in with full dramatic force. There’s so many great things going on right now with work and with my jolly home life that i don’t have time to tend to the negative. When that becomes the case, not only do you know life is good, but you know that you finally get the key to success. Not one successful person will ever tell you anything different. I’m not even nearly where i want to be, but i’m on my way there and i LOVE IT!!!! One of the things that i adore about Keiran and i is that we view the world in the exact same manner. We want to do well and will and all it takes is the correct internal adjustments, hope, love and a smile. *Wiggle-wink.* If i can teach you anything today, it would be to enjoy love and life merrily and not be drawn in by those that turn your happy face, into a frown. We’ve been playful, in love and living our fairytale and well i wouldn’t have it any other way. *Hair-toss-giggle*

Anyway, last night (and when my mum had dropped delicious Ruby back home from nursery) Keiran and I were gifted with a little wedding treat by Mama Wunna. Now, we all know i have one of those great mums…in fact a great family…and last night she handed me a little brown envelope to open, for Keiran and I..out of love. I adore my mum and i thanked her thoroughly for her support. My parents really love Keiran and can’t wait for him to a full member of the family…as i will his and that little gesture meant the world and mainly because it showed me that she loved and couldn’t wait for our union. Awwww!

Other than all that, i’ve got a bit more book launching to do and a lot more inviting to do. I’m really excited to fun it up with everyone. Those of you coming will get to enjoy a few familiar faces, then get cocktailed up by bunny girls in the name of true Wunna love. 🙂 I’m nervous for no real reason, other than wanting everyone to have a great time. But i’m sure it will go down a treat! Woohoo! I can’t wait! (Even if @jamiedorrington who is in charge of helping me…decides to get road rage and question his sexuality before 5.15pm. lol I have a great team.)

I don’t have much to report just yet because the day has just begun…but remember to make the most of your 100 years. Why? Well because you’ll regret it when if you don’t and won’t ever be able to get that time back.

Thank you for all your messages. I’ll check in later…when more things decide to occur. *Blows you a kiss.*

Picture of my little ‘IT’ baby attempting to sneak into the ‘banned from’ kitchen this morning, with her peeky toes. I adore her…even if her sincere love for ‘Cheesy Puffs’ gets the better of her judgement. I’m rubbish and telling her off…instead i take photos of her naughtiness and commit to the ‘don’t think i won’t tell Daddy’ line.




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  1. Great photo!

    Us guys can only snore when sleeping on our backs. We don’t snore when sleeping on our sides or stomachs. (It’s a quick fix to just roll us over, gently please!)


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