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I’ve had no exciting phone calls yet, however i’m sure they’re on the horizon. Wunna land has currently been infected with the flu and I have a very poorly bit of loin fruit, who is nothing but adorable in her hour of need. Being a mum is completely worth it during those moments. You always think it’s going to be the gratifying moments when you find out your child is a genius, a money maker or a champion at a certain skill. (Glamour pussing. πŸ˜‰ ) However, it’s not those moments at all that give you that true sense of magic. Simply being the person that they need, when they are completely helpless and poorly, as they look up at you with hope in their little dolly eyes, yet with a body drained of utter life…yeah…they are the moments where..as a mother.. you feel you have purpose. I’m learning a lot in life and having Rubes has certainly created a much better version of me. Not that I wasn’t fabulous when I was drinking, partying and winging life with a wine, be it in Hollywood or back in the UK. Yet, i had no real purpose at all, other than celebrating who I was and where I was headed. I’m still doing all that because it’s in my nature to be tragical. (Well, the partying and drinking has been boxed away for much more profitable jollies like work, loving my family and doing things that are of way more use.) Yet as long as you’re still doing it in high heels, a giant faux fur, short skirt and those every faithful diamond accessories, than you still qualify as a Glamour Puss.

Okay, so as the title of this blog suggests! Today is a day of packages. The hubby and I did actually have quite a lot of work to get through, however, when you have a poorly one year old, work comes second and parenting wiggles into the lead. We actually can’t help ourselves, so attempt to juggle both. I’ll be blogging, book writing and emailing TV agents with a baby bottle and child in one hand, whilst my other hand types up a storm and pushes the bubble a bit further, so we actually get noticed one day. And Keiran, will be sat in the office, going through accounts, puzzling over his new properties and with Baby Ruby sat upon his knee, scribbling on his financial documents and demanding that he sings ‘Twinkle little star.’ It’s mayhem,

We were actually meant to go visit a coffee/dessert shop in Leeds today, a swanky one that ‘The Hubs’ fancies buying. I want a beauty salon, to be on the telly and to be a novelist. He wants to run property, buy businesses and be on the telly also, for kicks….oh and money. We had to reschedule today’s meeting for Friday, as talking business and taking babies just does not work to the valued effect. Things are getting very exciting her in Wunna land and well we’re lucky to be striking forward with ‘ooh laa.’

With all that postponed the only thing we had left was waiting for exciting phone calls, life and packages. I’m not sure what we’ve done, but we’ve ordered a whole bunch of stuff online and all on a Sunday night, when we were excited about life. It all arrives today, according to our inboxes. I’ve clicked ‘Buy Now’ on Amazon, making a couple of sexy books head their way to Wunna land and well he’s bought a chair…and a bunch of undated 20p’s. (He collects rare coins.) The chairs just made it’s way to us and thank fully Keiran answered the door, as I depsise door answering. I’m nipple tassled ‘Chrissie Wunna’, so when they just see plain old me…they feel a bit jipped by the experience. How one is presented is essential. It’s always half having the talent and half being presented to the world appropriately.

So, for those of you who got excited by my ‘three in a bed’ Tweet this morning, followed by the ‘its’ a day of packages’ follow up Tweet. They’re not the exciting kind of package that comes attached to a man that will tell you he loves you, take you out to dinner and buy you diamonds. Just the regular kind that the postman brings. I have two sexy books on route. I’m excited! ‘Temptation Island’ by Victoria Fox and ‘Hollywood Wives-The New Generation’ by Jackie Collins. I figured, if you want to right a naughty novel, you have to read the ones written by the best. I’ve heard they are great reads, so i’ve gotten my fresh panties bought and ready for their arrival.

Other than that, the love life is spectacular. Keiran is really proving himself as a husband now and well i’m never one to deny that we did have our up and downs, yet we’ve proved that with a whole lot of love and if you’re with the right partner, it’s worth the battle. Last night, before bed, i remembered all the shitty things he used to do and I’m so glad that I believed in him enough to know that he’s pull himself together. Now, as I always say, if you are with a shit boy and you always know if you are, because you’ll feel it, see other girls being treated much better, or your friends will tell you…then don’t make excuses for their idiotic behaviour. I never did, i fought him all the way on every matter that I felt needing a firm Wunna fist of glory. Yet, if you know that they’re a decent life companion, under 10 feet of emotional rubble, then the battle is absolutely worth it.

We’ve always been happy, yet now we are at out happiest. He’s the most loving being and i’m the happiest little kitten ever. We have a baby son on the way..and yes we’ve named him, but we’re not letting any of you know just yet. πŸ˜‰ And our world is pretty divine, in the good old ‘making our dreams come true’ sense.

When are my exciting phone calls going to be coming? I mean, i must get called a hundred times a day by all sorts of riff raff, πŸ™‚ yet when i want a call, my voicemail is bare. Even my inbox is clearing up and everything. (Well apart from the pervs that don’t read the writing part of my blog and simply look at the pictures.)

Tonight is ‘Burrito’ night, so we’re really excited. Now, i’m preggo, our theme foodie nights are a delight. I’m trying to control myself but i just can’t. We had a chinese last night…(as in the meal and not random oriental man in our bed) and then i devoured bars and bars of choccie. I did state that I was now a bit of a choccie monster, however apparently that’s a term for some kinky anal fetish and i’m certainly not that! I wonder how the hubby is actually coping with a distinct lack of secy Wunna love right now? Whatever…i’m sure his porn searches are serving him well.

I’m looking forward to organizing a baby shower. I’m wanting a glitzy posh one, rather than an awkward one where everyone huddles into my living room and stares at me, sober.

Life is good. I want a published novel, more telly shows and I forgot that I have a business and a baby on route this year!

I’m feeling positive today and it must be all done to the coffee.

Love you long time,

Thank you for following my life!

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