Oxford Street, Meetings and Aiden to Win!!

I’m actually too tired to right this, but i will anyway. I’ve only just got home from a long day in London, that was supposed to be a short day. I missed the whole of ‘Britian’s Got Talent,’ (which annoys me) but i know that everyone thinks ‘Holly’ (whoever that is) is a fucking bratt and that Aiden (who i think is simply AMAZING for an eleven year old) sailed into the Final and i’m all for him to win it this year. The person who i am most OVER  is ‘Boyle.’ I really don’t think she’s that talented. They’re just keeping her in for the ratings, therefore i’m hoping my little Aiden, or one of the male dance groups will drop kick her fat arse out of the competition. Oh and i’m also getting asked a lot about ‘Sampson’ right now (this very second) and i LOVE grown up George. (Ofcourse i do. Mwaha!) I just think he’s better now he’s older. Yeah he may have lost the ‘aww’ factor. But who wants people to go ‘aww’ at them?  Being ‘grown’ is ALWAYS better. You don’t have to put up with people wanting to tickle you. Instead they want to have sex with you…which is so much more beneficial.

Okay so i spent the majority of my day on Oxford Street. I had an afternoon lunch meeting, at a cafe with Siobhan and Rochelle, who are foolishly going to let me Present the Pop-Rocktic Gala at Embassy next week and also feature me in their magazine, because i’m simply amazing. We discussed what i would wear, do, say and Rock-it, over glasses of water and chicken wraps. These chicks know what they’re doing. They’re the kinda chicas that have everything under control no matter what and i need that because i’m one hell of a delicious mess. Great tits though. I’m very excited!! I’m sure i’ll pull some ‘magic’ out of my fake tanned arse. How good was the weather today!! The funniest thing about my meeting wa the fact that when i first met Siobhan, we tried to hug, but our hair got attached to each other, outside Topshop. So after a mild awkward struggle she accidently hit me in the face and we walked on. Haha! Loved it! Great way to start any meeting.

Met so many HOT boys today! Shit loads! All of which stopped me to say ‘hello, which i love. I enjoy forwardness. I was propping up the wall on Oxford street, and this fucking to DIE for delicious piece of man, all tall dark and handsome, (swoon) comes up to me and tells me he LOVED me on ‘BBF.’ I simply open mouthed stared at his beauty. I could’ve eaten that piece of yum. He scores double points!! Infact i met bucket loads of future husbands. Oh and Scott from boyband ‘Five.’ (Lol. ) He scowled at Me and I didn’t know what to do…so i scowled back.

Had to waste time for 3 hours until i was allowed to get on a train ( i bought the wrong kind of ticket…USELESS) and ‘bless his slaggy socks’ Adam Parnell (My new found Gay, who shags policemen in forests  and gets bitten by knats) left his work, got on a train and baby sat ‘The Wunna’ at Starbucks. Aww. I love him!!! (We slagged everybody off. Slagged each other off. Then proceeded to take pictures of ourselves outside Kings Cross! Don’t hate!) I was recognized a lot today, yet no-one seemed to manage my NAME!! One guy stopped, stared at me, and blantantly said, ‘Who the hell are you?? ‘ (He couldn’t figure out how he recognized me.) Just for the record. It’s CHRISSIE WUNNA and i WASN’T on Big Brother. I got that twice today. The girls always know, but they guys, just remember BOOBS and tv.

I can’t be arsed to write the rest of this. I’m too knackered. I felt like the only Bimbo in all the land today. I LOVED it!! (I currently have some other face YELLING in MY face… in Burmese. Not quite sure why they’re not FUCKING OFF? Need sleep. Save Me! )

11 thoughts on “Oxford Street, Meetings and Aiden to Win!!”

  1. Chrissie – for the records, his words wasn’t “who the hell are you?” it was… “who the FUCK are you? Wait… I recognise that laugh…hahahahaaaa…” *stands like a retard for an awkward minute* “..sorry…” and leaves….

    I also have a bone to pick with you!! Not txting when you were home!! I could’ve called the police if I wasn’t out shagging their badges off!!! So once I’d gotten over the fact you could possibly be dead somewhere, I went to the cinema instead to watch a horror (Drag Me To Hell) which has turned out to be the funniest fucking thing I have ever seen in my entire life!!! Seriously, I had tears where I was laughing so much… you’d love it!! Old lady gets stapled in the forehead, her teeth come flying out, then tries to bite a girl with her gums!! It’s amazing!!! So sexual!!!!

  2. Hahah…Danyals Hot. I saw the pics!

    You better get on the show ‘D’ or else! (She waves her fist in your face…that has just been in her vagina.)


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