Outings, Family and love

Glorious morning of that good old sunny-sunshine and FINALLY. I’d given up on the thought of potential ‘booty short’ weather, yet today…the weather has decided to bless us! I galloped upstairs, before tending to the nursery run, with my darling little ‘handsome,’ whipped out my navy shorts of ‘booty,’ with a flutter of excitement, i attempted to whop them over my pretty asian hiney…and yes, i couldn’t even do them up. My booty shorts rejected me. I can’t even fit into them. Hah. All that excitement for fucking nothing. I’m in leggings now and well because i’m not one to fight the ways of the fabric world. Ladies, if things don’t fit you…don’t fret, ditch them for another special item, or buy a size bigger and rock them with glee. I hate it when kittens try and *squeezy-ouchy-squeezy* into things that cause a bit of a jolly circus bulge. Love your bodies and buy the next size up. My booty shorts and I are no longer friends.

Anyway, yesterday was ‘family’ day and boy was it lovely. ‘The Wunna’s,’ Baby Ruby, Handsome Keiran and myself tottered over to Meadowhall in the rain, to enjoy a healthy bit of lunchy at Wagamamas, courteousy of my mama. I have a great little Mama and well anytime she can treat her delicious family to soba noodles, she will. We laughed, loved, jollied, ate and tended to my ‘Diva’ that is ‘Le Rubes.’ I sipped on sake and Keiran suppled his Tiger beer and well we had one of those days that you  really so happen to enjoy and because you feel part of a happy family..with noodles. We actually got there a bit later than expected and although the meal was a delight, the service was all a  clutter. We got our starters at the end, our mains first, our drinks forgotten. Lol. Yet i’m not one to be all complainy. We loved it. We kissed. We shared coconut ice-cream and wished it was Christmas. Then we got treated to a smelly oil lamp by my mum, followed by a knock around the Disney store with Ruby, would is the tiniest little bit of ‘Missy’ on legs. When she wasn’t walking, she was on Keiran’s shoulders, pointing and giving people daggers. Yipppeee!

Life is great right now and well i’m just letting it take it’s natural glitzy flow. The love life is romantic. I’m about to marry the most lovely man, who’s not only my bit of soulmate, but i’m hero. My daughter is growing up fast. My family are overly supportive. We have the book, the show, the launch and well i couldn’t really ask for much more really.

Today, my handsome and I are going to enjoy the day and shake away our worries via the fine art of an outing. It doesn’t matter where we go, we can make it a ‘good time’ and because nothing is better than hand holding the one you love through life.

(10 mins later)

My laptop has decided to conk out on me again, so I can’t even finish this blog….but you get it…I’m happy and all that f’jizzle.

For those of you trying to pre-order my book, ‘Diaries of a Glamour Puss’ on Amazon and going through drama. It has currently completely sold out! Yippppeee! However, don’t fret, another order has been put in, so very shortly you’ll once again be able to grab yourself an early copy. How exciting!

Thank you to all of you who have ordered. Don’t forget my first signing will be at Bed Leeds, May 26th.

I hate it when my laptop fucks up. I’ve had to finish this on my iPad! And no piccie! Ugh!

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