Out At Xscape Tonighta!

Traffic! Traffic! EVERYWHERE!

I mean, HOLY B’JEEBS! Trying to get anywhere in Pontefract today was a ball ache and if I hate anything, it’s shit that makes my hairy balls…ache. 🙂 (Metaphorically ofcourse. Just to clarify.)

It was one of those days where I woke up, after going to bed at 3am and simply because my Friday night phone kept bleeping, ringing, messaging me throughout the entire night, via friends who were steaming, or odd horny and thought about me, during those particular moment’s of ‘fancy.’ I (the the Rockstar that I am) was asleep in my leopard print pj’s, as men from Spain, in Manchster sent me messages of lust, friendship and all sorts of other stuff through the entire night. Latin men have hot, stay awake all night’ blood running through their system. Girls from the orient…need sleep. That was all topped off by drunk friend, number 1, drunk friend, number 2, drunk friend…number…you catch my drift…Friends who were drunky, who just needed a ‘Wunna’ in their life….when pissed.

I didn’t have a good night’s sleep (lol) and to top it all off, I woke up with the same fucking RASH, all over my face and neck, that was now RAGING with utter fury. It was so bad that I couldn’t even bring myself to do my face because i’d have to glare at it in the mirror. It was so terrible that even the shower didn’t make it disappear. (If i have some kind of disease, issue or problemo…I always think a shower will wash it away.) Who’da thought? It doesn’t.

I finally got ready, in really bad lighting. Sunlit windows make rashes glow up a treat! Haha. Sexy! Then once i was faux furred and red knee high booted, I slide into my Mercedes, with a giant scarf wrapped around my ‘hide me now’ neck and drove to Specsavers to pick up my ‘Pussycat’ glasses. The seeing eye glasses that make me look like a vintage Bond Girl. The Glasses of all glasses. The glasses that make you go ‘oooh.’

Couldn’t find anywhere to park for the life of me. So, I’ve now decided to despise all places that don’t provide adequate parking spaces and places that do, that are simply busy whenever I need to park.Traffic all the way, Drama all the way. Grannies, who couldn’t drive all the way. Lines waiting to pay for parking, all the way. Mayhem, madness, no spots to park AT ALL!

Finally picked up my specs. (She had to fit them around my false eyelashes and stated that I may need to go back in for a refit, if my lashes reduced in size. 🙂 GLAMOUR PUSS.)

You liiiiike?

Here Kitty, Kitty!

Tried to go out to lunch. Traffic got the better of me. Got home. Tanned. Chilled. Keiran brought the children back home, after a fabulous evening of ‘Daddyhood’ (he was actually really lovely to me, which was nice to see, he’s sort of changed his life around, so i’m watching with my little speccy eyes and seeing what happens next) and well now i’m trying to moisturize my rash, after taking an allergy pill and doing a countdown with ‘Miss. Thornton’ via text. ‘Miss Thornton’ is my choice companion, this evening for a bit of ‘party party.’

(I should’n’t have taken that allergy pill. Its making me feel funny. STUPID RASH! Maybe if i eat more, it’ll go away? AGAIN….The ‘Chrissie Wunna’ logic makes an appearance.)

So, now, i’m waiting and chilling, whilst partly getting ready for my night of ‘catch up’ with Katie. Everyone seems to be texting me, wanting to meet or wanting me to meet up with them…boys, girls, strangers, friends…but whatever…tonight, it’s Team ‘Wunna/Thornton’ and we’re starting off at around 8.30pm ish, at the bars in Xscape. So, we’ll either end up in Winter Seam…or flounder off later to ‘Biggies.’ Depending on how our night pans out. I mean, it’s where everyone around here ends up. ‘Seam’ or ‘Biggies.’ I’ve even eaten this sandwich..

to make me feel better and prevent me from ‘doing a sick’ this evening, as I always forget to eat before drinking and I always ‘do a sick.’

Looking forward to my night. ‘Grandma’ is staying over at mine with the Babies, who will be fast asleep shortly anyhow. Daddy knackered them out!

This is ‘Miss. Thornton’…


Tonight, we’re doing drinking!

Ps/ I’m turning ‘seasoned’ again, as I remembered to organize my Sunday with ‘Hayley’ before I got tipsy.

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