Opportunity a knick-knocks.

Okay, this has got to be quick because I really do need to dash. All I can say is that this trying to be a major success thing is quite a busy business. 🙂 (Who da’ thought?) Today, I am accidentally RUSHED off my feet and at a moments notice. When opportunity arrives and tip taps at your glittery door, you kinda have to be ready for it, or you won’t at all get the job done.

Over the last few months, emotionally i’ve been all over the place. That’s what happens when you have just had a baby though. But when it’s come to work and focus, i’ve been top notch, ‘put that in ya pipe and smoke it..’ GOOD. I’ve been pre-plotting, weighing things up and planning my route and method of attack on the world. Now, things are paying off. I have a lot of options. A lot of opportunities. I’m not getting them all. (My mind wanders at times and when I begin to doubt, I begin to lose focus.) Yet, I seem lucky enough and mainly through HARD WORK, to be flowing along a stream that simply keeps presenting me with more opportunity.

I do have to dash, but I will say quickly, over the last day I’ve learnt that if you receive bad news and it wasn’t exactly the kinda news you were ready to hear..when it comes to work, dreams, success and accomplishment, it is in THAT moment where the people who do well in life IMMEDIATELY get back on the pony and whilst not only refusing to let a little ‘no-no’ get them down, but they also become furiously proactive in order to score themselves their next it of luck.

Yesterday, my news was not great. I could’ve thrown a pity party, yet when it comes to work i’m good at being a hero and simply because i’ve spent my life in entertainment and Hollywood…YOU HEAR NO’S and it plinks off your glitzy armour with a ‘Yeah Baby.’ 🙂

That evening, I worked my arse off to make up for the ‘no’ and well this morning, after a brief phone call…ANOTHER, even bigger opportunity placed itself in front of me, from last night’s hard work. I was in shock! But (and it is the last minute) I’m GOING FOR IT. I’m a lucky girl!

So, we’ll see what happens. I have a lot to tell you when I get back. Pity Parties are for losers.

Don’t let stuff in life get you down because whilst you’re ‘timing out’ or wasting your precious…or even throwing a bottom lip out at your very sorry self…someone else isn’t and it’s that ‘isn’t’ who will become a SUCCESS and well really it could’ve been YOU. 😉

Be ambitious. Dream hard. Go for what you want. Let a ‘no’ empower you, so that the ‘YES’ gives you that happy ‘victory’ dance rush. A rush that simply no drip, drug or dandy could ever even nearly match!

Love you,

The Wuns. (Ha! Sounds like ‘the runs’ in Asian. 😉 )


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