Operation Home Truths

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I’m still enjoying my holiday. I’m loving every single minute of it. My mum has my car, so I’ve chilled all day physically, yet managed to get LOTS of work done mentally, for the new lash website, work, auditions…and all sorts. I’ve literally done loads.

THEN, I got on a text conversation with Ben and I don’t know how it ended up being so home truthy, but it did…and I enjoy home truths because I think they’re bits of actual information that people can use to develop themselves further. I know I do all the time whenever I hear them and it’s always my closest friends or Mum, who will home truth me. I never ‘baby, baby’ anyone because I always find it hinders them. But i’ll be patient. Watch ‘the show’…then suggest changes….my way. 🙂 Which always comes out harsh.

Don’t fret, I didn’t say anything crazy. We just have different outlooks or speeds. I doesn’t mean that I don’t love him. If I didn’t care, I wouldn’t care and wouldn’t bother chittering at him. For example…the things that take him a week…I would do in a day….non stop and crazily, to the point that I would drive myself into stress, but feel a sense of achievement once i’ve thundered it through. It’s like a work out.  He’ll do one thing, wait a few days and do another thing……have a few drinks, hang out with friends….maybe try once more…not see a result….wait a day or two….try again….because that’s the mode he’s most comfortable in. Neither is wrong. We’re just different when it comes to pace.

Like, I haven’t had my car for two days because i’ve given it to my mum. I haven’t really felt ‘stranded’ as Ben called it. But because i’m super aware that at the top of my street is a bus that leaves every 10 flipping minutes to either Ackworth or Pontefract town centre. I even got on it today. So, it sort of made me think of all those times he grumbled because he felt trapped and couldn’t go anywhere, because everything in Thorpe Audlin is cut away from life etc…blah blah blah. Firstly, yes, if you don’t drive it sucks. I do. Secondly, you can’t moan, if at the top of the street, which is a five minute walk away…. there is a BUS STOP (an inexpensive way to travel) that will take you anywhere you need to go. Lol.

That’s how ‘home truthing’ started, by me pointing out that instead of feeling cut away, i found another way, aside from my own set of ‘wheels’ to get somewhere. He didn’t like it. But whatever…it was the truth. I don’t even think it was harsh…because I was actually delivering it nicely…but bluntly. Yet, that’s how all my friends and I speak to one another because we’re all open, all close, all grown ups and all truthful.

So yeah… it went on and on and on and on…and developed onto other little things…that went on and on….and then it got less ‘fiddly’ and more regular and moderately chipper. I forwarded him leads, I told him how I felt. He explained his situation. He simply said, ‘Thank you.’ (Which means he’s in a mood really. Lol.)

Today is a great day and I have no idea why I feel so good, but i do. I’m going on a walk later to simply because it looks so sunny. (I know, it’s cold. I’m prepared. I’ll have wine in a flask. ) I’m excited for ‘Real Housewives..’ It reminds me of being pregnant and waiting for Junior to pop out, as i must have watched every episode under the sun, back to back, doing squats, eating pineapples, sniffing curries…all sorts.

I’m chilling. I’m loving it. I’m doing well. I’m getting loads of messages about my Vlogs! But i blogged about it. I filmed three videos before and Ben lost two of them. So that’s why only ‘Emergency Mirrors’ was put up. Simples. If I was going to film more, and I do want to, as so many people are watching them, (I mean Ben and Nick are still filming there’s, yet hopefully they’ll catch on soon, so their views go up faster,) I really only have tomorrow to do it in. So I don’t know really? It’s sort of a shame. But yes, when i put them up…they do really well. 🙂 There’s just not many of them yet. But I thank you all for having a peek at them.

Hope Thursday is going well…

Chrissie x



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