Ooogle Me- Google Me

‘Come gay it up with me tonight- Low Profile..I’ve got guest list’ said the happy hair dressing gay, to the Ultimate Puss of slanted eyed Glamour.

‘I love Low Profile..but i’m up north..INNIT! You know i love gaying it up!’ #shunned

‘I’m starting to feel like you no longer care for me now you have a baby 😉 One Thursday! Promise ME!?!’

‘Oh darling I care mucho mucho. I’m far too selfish to dismiss a being that does hair. Plus, you don’t do poos on my lap.#BONUS’

Welcome to Wunna Land.

I’ve been Googling myself out of boredom, watching myself on the ‘Paris Hilton’ show and Tweeting my glitzy away. Amazing what you can find. Lots of proper celebs Google themselves and *moan* because ‘it’s all not true’…and ‘You can’t believe what you read’ or ‘They absolutely hate on me.’ All my shits true. UGH! Luckily, i’ve managed to grab that glittery sweeping push of ‘ooh laa’ get all Cinderella on my troublesome, cocktail spilling past. I mean, i still enjoy a luxury drinky…(i am human and delicious.) However i know don’t return in nothing but diamantes, a broken heart and with red wine down my front, holding onto nothing but a clutch (impractical, but amazing.) was either a *clutch* or a ‘handsome.* When i learnt how much more rewarding a *clutch* was..i left the ‘handsomes’ at the bar, for some other poor loser to want for a night. Lol (Soooooooo glad i’m about to be a wifey! Thank You Cupid!!! Saved the flipping day!)

Other than that i just wanted to briefly tell you that Keiran and I are off to The Castle tonight for an after work drinky by a juicy warm fireplce. It’s our favourite palce to drink ever..and where we first properly became an ITEM! I’ve also been talking to a fan about me needing a wee. Infact, everytime i talk to them, we always seem to be talking about my own urine and how i’m holidng it? (In m belly and not my hands.)

This isn’t one of those ever so important ‘life changing’ blogs of inspiration…it’s just one of those bits of nonsense that you’ll accidentally remember forever.

Love you. Keep it ‘Glamour Puss!’


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