Only the Lonely, Big Brother & Lashes

I’m definitely having a ‘BIG HAIR, DON’T CARE’ kinda day and i@m LOVING IT! So chicks, grab your back combing brushes, your tins of luxury (or budget) hairspray, tip those heads low and get (as my doll of a friend Emily and I would say and we totally learnt it whist filming that show for ‘Ann Summers’ when we created Sex Toys)…get *jushhhhhhhhing!’ (Ooh, it’s only 10am and I feel like going to ‘No7 The Rum Rooms’ in Doncaster! Can anyone say Alchy? Lol. A minute ago, I woke up (YES, I GOT A MASSIVE LAY IN TODAY) and craved a Marks & Spencers, Mojito in a CAN! Now, I defy anyone who calls drinking a cocktail out of a can ‘chavvy’ 🙂 because let me tell you, the ‘cocktail in a can’ market has got bouji! All the hot kids are doing it! You get to sit at the ‘cool table’ and everything! But yes, it’s a little ‘Grannified’ to say, but Marks & Sparks do an awesome Mojito in a can! The quality of it is delicious! AND the Smirnoff cocktails in a can, like the Vodka Cranberry…are amazing! Don’t get it twisted!

Enough of that! Who talks abut booze before 12.01, anywhere in the world? I feel as though in Britain, its perfectly acceptable to drink during any moment of the day. (Well probably not just when you wake up.) Yet in America, even HOLLYWOOD (and that’s saying something) and I know because I did my entire ‘growing up’ phase there….it’s kinda frowned upon if you drink before noon. I kinda like that! As it’a reckless place with morals? (And morals on the oddest things?) Like totally b a guy and walk around Melrose in nothing but a pink thong, doing your shopping (yes, I did see that.) Yet, crack open a bottle of bubbly for lunch and you’re a loser! (Flash back of going out with ‘Brandon’..who is one of my eyelash styles to ‘Beauty Bar’ in West Hollywood and all guys lifting me up above their heads like I was some Goddess of Party, even though I was in a tiny dress and BRANDON’S GREY BOXERS, that we had turned into part of my outfit…No, it didn’t look bad. Anyway, they were dancing with be bouncing in the air, by the guidance of their well muscled arms, but to the song that goes, ‘Na…naaaaaaaaaaa…na….na….nana…I’m a LOSER BABY,SO WHEY DON’T YOU KILL ME.’ I didn’t know the first bit of that line.)

Anyway enough of that! I have the weekend off AGAIN! so i totally think that God Loves me now, as i had five weeks in a row of working the weekend and now i’m on my third week of two days off in an actual ROW! I’m soooo happy! The lay in made a difference.

Last night, I didn’t actually have the children, because they were at Keirans (we’re over the bicker now after a video call. It’s all cool, because we’re good at focusing on the babies and how they matter more.) And well…I didn’t even go out. I got home form work, poured a wine, ate a chicken salad sandwich and ran a warm lemon ‘glitter bomb’ from Lush bath! 🙂

I MISSED THE CHILDREN! It’s funny because when you have them around, you sort of get stressy when they start being naughty with you. However, (and especially when you have two) when they’re gone and you’re sat on your own…it’s AWFUL! My world was zapped of energy. The cupboards were bare. The World cup was over. And the dancing boys were married. That’s how it felt. I mean, my mum and dad came around to watch Big Brother with me and have dinner. I love having people over to dinner. I love cocktails and food making for folk. HOW STRESSY WAS THAT BIG BROTHER FINAL! What a good year it was! I knew Katie Price would win and more because she has a great rapport with Richard Desmond who own Channel  and OK magazine..and everything else. She deserves it really in the sense of, i think she needed a morale boost. A bit of British love. Over the last few years and after the Peter Andre thing, she pretty much got ‘bashed’ and hated a lot. Was she the most entertaining…no. But whatever, she won in the end and well we all love a winner with a good tan an great hair. (‘Big hair, don’t care’ day!)

The only things i did was tan and chill. Thrilling, but much needed. I relaxed. I work hard. I enjoy to relax. But i missed Ruby and Junior. Ruby even cried on her video call because she wanted to come home.

But i don’t get them home until 4pm tonight, so i’m having a family shopping day and off to lunch, get my hair did and buy the babies pressies and myself goodies in Doncaster! Where I go EVERY WEEKEND! Keiran runs some Bootcamp on Saturday mornings? So they trot off to see their Aunty Zee Zee, who’s adorable and Keiran’s sister. I only found out because he once had to drop them off and i asked why he was dressed as ‘Action Man?’ I always feel that he has the complete wrong end of the stick when it comes to my personality and it’s odd because he was married to me? I not this crazy, diva of evil, that everyone thinks I am. I’m hot..I love that! 🙂 HHAHAHA. But i’m pretty easy going, preetty laid back. I’m quite accepting and down to earth! Fair enough he got me at a bad time when i was hormonal pregnant and angry. but he should’ve been man enough to get that, know that and battle through that. As in the end he lost it all…because he couldn’t. So, now everything’ changed and i’m doing really well…which is obviously shitty, if your my ex. Any ex. You’re everywhere.

So, yeah, I’m shopping today. I’m also sending out my parcel to Cosmo. Last night, I got my awesome promo postcards.. (below) that I opened up at around midnight last night, in my pj’s in bed!


I love opening up my parcels alone as I can have a quiet minute and absorb Wunna land. 🙂 Plus, without babies, they don’t get dribble and chocolate finger prints on them. BLISS!

I also got my promo cards for my lash styles!

I’ve said it a million times now, so you all know. But each of my mink fur eyelash styles are named after my favourite boys…who i’ve had a story with with or a connection with.  My lashes are ‘my boys.’ Every wink tells a story and all that!

When the next range comes out,  they’ll be named after my fave British boys. But i’m going to run a male model comp for that! Simply so i can perv on you, with friends. 🙂

But yes, to go along with my lashes now, and depending on which style you pick, you will now also get a tiny, card with a picture of the boy you chose with your lashes, so you know what kinda taste you have, I guess? 🙂 I have a warped sense of creative flair, but i love it and it’s my lash line, so there! Cute right!

Anyway, i’ve got to get off, it’s nearly 11 and i need to hoover before Donny. Just a quick once over.

But i’ll blog later tonight, as I’m wanting to tell you ALL ABOUT VALENTINES!

Don’t be lonely! Make it work for YOU!


Air kisses..




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