On my way UP!!!

Went to dinner last nignt with my family. I made it sound a lot worst than what it really was on Twitter. I have a great family. My Mother will stick up for me no matter what!! I just currently have a bleeding vagina (or a ‘Bloody Mary’ as my ‘gay’ would like to refer to it) therefore i’m grumpier than usual. It’s really draining me this time around as i’m getting busier and busier and trying to keep up, whilst foolishly dieting. Awful combination of events. But i have a cuppa tea and a glint in my eye…so i guess i’m feeling quite dandy for a girl whos making puddles in her panties. (‘Stick a piece of celery in it and drink it with lunch.’) Bloooody Mary!

So although it seems like i have the day off today and i thought i did. I am actually having to plan a great bundle of stuffs. I’m writing a booky…which i need to knuckle down and do (i’ve just got a lot on at this moment.) i’m sorting out my show reel..which is amazing (but again it’s finding the time) and finally this Thursday i am going to be in Brighton for the day FILMING a little ‘something/something’ with a gorgeous young lady (don’t want to tell you too much about it right now) who has flown in all the way from Germany to do this. But you’ll hear all about that later! I’m gonna be asking her a few questions, she’s gonna be teaching me a thing or two. Oh and she’s a witch. (Oooh laa…and a sexy one at that!)

Life is surprisngly good right now. I’m on the up and rocketting forward. I’m currently typing this whilst being on a conference call, (haha i’m so attentive) and will have to stop the conference call to natter to my camera man in Brighton, whilst stroking my baby kittens so they don’t feel too neglected.’ Boy Band Jonny,’ is being a sweet texting machine. When he texts me he’s ultimately loving and then when he actually calls me he’s quite abusive. It’s full of ‘U cock, u bitch, u awful human being, i love you deeply’s.’ He mentally ill…but it must be the way i like them. Not that i’m an angel or anything…but fuck it..i’ll go with ‘angel.’ ( My wings are a little busted, but they’re there.. you slags!)

I’m organizing, organizing, resting and tanning. I have another video interview coming up for you soon (for all of those who are asking & for those who are not…hope u get poked in the eyes.) I’m sort of in the mood to get treated like a Princess and be kissed and pampered, but i’m currently listening to Amy Winehouse, which is making me want a whisky. I’ve also put people into catergories of people who ‘hate’ me, ‘Use’ me and the very few who actually know me and love me all the same regardless. I’ve just had a photo tagged of me on Facebook with the words ‘Ruthless, Pointless, CUNT’ under it. Hahaha! (‘Pearce’ is just upset because i wont play with his vagina to sad love songs!)

I’m really happy right now. I can’t believe my luck. I’m excited! Thankyou…but like really. Often it’s hard for me to be this sort of ‘science project’ that everyone pulls to pieces, pokes and analyses. Luckily i’m so use to it, that i’m pretty good at glueing the pieces back together again. I bring it on myself and it’s because i’m a little bit twisted and honestly still trying to figure ‘ME’ out.

13 thoughts on “On my way UP!!!”

  1. Fantastic! Glad things are on the “up.”
    Cannot wait to hear more about the person from Germany!
    So pleased you’re so happy – you deserve this happiness!
    Hot, sexual bitches like us need happiness in our lives!
    Love you gorgeous

  2. TOM- You know much i adore you.. Please do let me rub all over you endlessly!! We deserve ‘good things’ lol…have you not seen this face! hahahah

    Scratch- Yeah i got the ‘painters’ part darling… i didnt quite catch the ‘aint in for to luck treacle’ part???


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