Oh the joys of Untruths

Bad night last night, yet a great morning…kind of, i guess?? I just had someone sitting next to me crying because they couldn’t figure out how to call a roofer, to re-roof something?? I never know what to do when people cry infront of me, so i just pretended like it wasn’t happenning, as i felt, the more i didn’t respond, the more dramatic the crying got… and it was hilarious. Cry because, you need to release tension, or you’ve just got fingered by a barrel of chimpanzees, not because you want attention, and sympathy, or can’t figure out how to work a ‘Yellow Pages.’ Please! I hate pity parties!!! They’re never any fun.

Whilst i feel bitchy, i’ll tell you…. last night, my ‘Latin Lover’ lied to me.( again). Oh the joy’s of untruths!! I had been forwarded a series of emails, of a past ‘internet love’ he had had, ages ago, whilst he was in a long term relationship with this woman in LA. Okay these emails were full on, like ‘ I love you, i miss your hand on my chest, and your breathe on my heart, i can’t be without you… it was a long distance affair etc…’ (hahahaha), and i had a ‘certain’ person, sitting right next to me whilst i asked him:

‘Do you know a Kate or Katie?’ (Ofcourse we knew, he knew a Kate or Katie) He basically says ‘no.’ I say ‘a Kate Simpson?’ He once again says ‘No.’ So just for good luck, i re-ask him about one hundred and one times, ( i’m good like that) he says ‘No.’ Then we  decide to quote, an exact piece of an email, and (hahaha) ALL OF A SUDDEN, when he knows he’s trapped, he seems to recall knowing a ‘Kate Simpson.’ WOW!! Why bother lying?? This is why men are simply retarded. He actually wanted to be with her, or made it look that way, whilst he was ‘temporarily separated,’ (i think was the term,) from his longterm girlfriend. Yet, when she asked for his help, he disappeared!!! I mean whocares, if that happened, my record in love and sexual encounters, could shock a ‘2 bit hoe’, yet why bother lying about it???

Men if a girl is confronting you about a something, and it suddenly gives you the ‘ oh no….’, bejeebies. She already KNOWS!!! So you make yourself look P’tarded, and being a ‘Pee -Tard’, is really not going to get you laid, now is it??

Anyway, i’m off to go shop!! Kisses all around! Life is GREAT!!

2 thoughts on “Oh the joys of Untruths”

  1. I don’t know who told you i cried after the monkey-barrell fingering incident but they are damned liars! Liars I say! I did not cry!

    ….I had a monkey pube in my eye…



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