Oh Santa Santa Baby…

Let me take you back to tomorrow afternoon. I was trapped waiting in a silver mercedes, in the freezing cold, it’s snowing, it’s Yorkshire, i’m in fur and Dior sunglasses and i’m parked up on a double yellow line at a very busy intersection (haha…i was never any good at picking a ‘You can’t see me’ spot,) outside an overly busy Morrisons, whilst i sent my Mother to the ATM to go take on the weather and return with cold hard cash! (Glamour Glamour Puss Pus.) ‘Last Christmas’ was playing on my stereo. I sang along….badly, but under the misconception that i was brilliant. You’ve just go to have a go, right?

I finally decided to do my Xmas shopping…i like to leave things to the last minute. It excites me more. I love pressure. (Purrr….) The more organized something is, the more it bores me. In exams at school, i’d seriously orgasm in the frantic five minutes you had left to finish your essay. (The speed of my hand, writing on the paper would oddly turn me on? Haha..No joke.) Annnnnyway, (lol) we were going into Doncaster (Town Centre) to grab everyone’s gift from

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