Had one of those wonderfully happy days, that turns into the most stressful ‘bulge’ of ‘oh golly gosh noooo,’ in about a moment flat. You know when you totally think you’re cool like Fonzee, and everythings panning out just perfectly…then you call up national rail enquiries, to decide which train you will be glamourously boarding in the early morning, and find out that there are NO trains travelling that way, in the morning at ALL, and you’ve missed your absolute LAST train to your HAPPY destination, because you had no idea you would have to travel like the night before, in order to get there on time!! Yeah…that was me!! I almost nearly missed my bloody chance, my ‘one shot,’ my ‘change of life’ due to…well God Knows…but i almost missed it!! The dude up above tends to always chuck in a ‘whoop-dee-woo’ for me to overcome, just to get me all nice and scared!! GREAT!!

Luckily, my pillar of strength, who i often refer to as MUM, saves my tragic life, once more!! Hurrah!! And like the Wonder Woman she is, will be waking up, when the sun early rises..(poor thing) in order to get my fake tanned arse, over to my ‘one shot!’ It’s a far drive, but she’s a superhero, and assures me it’s nothing!! I love her. I adore her. She catches me everything i McTrip!! Thank GOD!!

Anyway, i have a lot to do, and won’t be writing to you over the next couple days, due to happy busy times, and miracles. So big kisses, wish me luck and well….OOooooh La Laaaaaaaaaaaaa!!

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  1. nrxt time thast happens give me a bell chrissie and i will come pick u up as i drive treacle and i will help u to get where u want babe. but u would have ot put up with a mixture of drum hip hop funky house uk garage and a bit of luther on my ipod im me moter


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