Oh Lord


Today, the first stranger that I spoke to decided to dedicate their time to adjusting my view on The Bible. This is never a good way to begin a Thursday with a stranger, however, i had spoken to this lady before and well, even though she has Bi Polar and she’s a forces The teachings of The Bible on others…she’s not so bad. I like her. I enjoy that she has a faith…as she seems quite lonely and loneliness is frightening to Me. (It’s only scary because you don’t have to be alone to feel lonely. It’s kinda even worse if you’re with someone, who makes you feel lonely. Luckily, right now in life…i don’t have that problem. I’m feeling whole. I’m feeling happy. But have time for others that may not.)

Anyway, this chick has brought me a ‘condensed version’ of The Bible,The Bible in Burmese and some other form of Biblical verse. I like her because she’s frumpty, and odd, which makes her interesting to me. I want to know what she does, when she is at home…after 4pm? I want to be her friend. Lol.

Plus, it’s not the faith that bugs me, as she couldn’t be more polite and i love polite people…it’s the ‘pushing’ of it that annoys me. Yet, there’s an unspoken imaginary line with me, where i don’t have to do anything and the other party KNOWS that i’ve had enough of the babble, even when i’m smiling AND DOLLS, THAT IS WHAT I CALL CHARM.

Then that lady got whipped away from me at the speed of light and placed infront of my path was this guy, a salesman…(everyone’s favourite type of douche,) who had put on the most phoniest ‘please please, i’m not being fake’ face on, whilst he began chatting to me about…life?

Now, I HATE it when people try to sell me things in a fake smile fashion, because i’ve met thousands of people in my life, if not gzillions and I grew up emotionally in the fakest town in the world, as in Hollywood. No chick from that town can’t smell a false dude out in a heartbeat, even when we humour you. But it lasted forever and he just kept doing ‘I’m a gameshow host’ voices at me and phony ‘buy my shit’ eager nods and fake smiles. It killed my soul and drained the ‘glamour’ out of the ‘puss.’

Yet, i’m polite, so i smiled along with him…before rejection. I’m a straight forward girl. I’m not rude, but straight forward. So, i’ll immediately make sure someone knows that i’m not interested straight away, if i’m not. However, I don’t like long winded ANYTHING…so if they choose to ramble on..i get grumpy.

Then like the GODS thought it was April 1st, before noon, they roll in a ‘obviously on coke’ lorry driver, who beams on in like the happiest man on earth, all over chatty, weird and perverted. He hit on me like there was no tomorrow ans just WOULD’NT GO AWAY. His pupils were like tiny dots, pin points and he was completely off his chatty, pervy face. He thought he was the most exciting human in the world…but he was dull. Party boys are over. All girls want that ‘hero’ these days.

I chatted sooo much that he even got my ‘brick wall’ face and that hasn’t come out in a loooong time.

Then i decided that i had been grumpy all day and well i know why, but i just can’t say and It’s annoying. UGH! I’ll learn.

Everything wound me up and everything made me want more in life…(I’m ace when i get like this, it’s apparently cute, until i’m bitchy.)

I think i was just tired and fed up. But you get those days, Now, that i’m home, i’m happy. I’m over the moon. I pulled up to the happiest little faces in all the land. (Then my dad came over and was evil to me.)

I’ve worked today, I’ve auditioned again today, i’ve worked on the lash line and ready to take it to the next level.

Right now, i’m feeling feisty, but i’m feeling ever so powerful, all at the same time.

It actually feels great because even when i’m a grump, i always know that i actually should be grateful, as a lot of people have it a hell of a lot worse.

Wunna x

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