Oh dearey me!!

Hi Darlings! So i guess summer is really here, as the sun can’t seem to stop McBeaming. Had a late-ish night. One of those nights, when you fall asleep to the sound of someones voice…they’re still having a full on conversation with you, yet you’re basically alseep, but trying your hardest to respond to every word they’re saying so they don’t know that you’re sleeping??? Does that make sense?? hahaha!! I’m trying to stay positive today, after a turbulent evening of emotions. Definite ‘ups n downs’ at home, and not the good kind of ‘ups n downs.’ Y’know when you’ve seen someone in a completely different light, you’re whole entire life, and suddenly a blanket is lifted and you notice how ‘ugly’ they are. It’s kind of like that!! (yet not in the beer goggles sense…haha..on a lot more serious note.) I just seem to have got caught up in a whole lot of emotional ‘bull’ that i shouldn’t have to be put through in the first place…..goody!! But i’m fine and i’m happy!!

Anyway, apart from that career is good, life is better than most, and i’m about to go belt out a few tunes in the kitchen….kisses

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  1. I know exactly what you’re talking about – I’ve had late night phone conversations where: (a) the other person started snoring; and (b) I woke up to a dial tone and discovered that the other person had hung up on me after I started snoring…. LOL


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