Nuts Bedroom Babe

I’m in this weeks addition of Nuts Mag, in the ‘Bedroom babe’ comp and i’m coming last. I didn’t know i was in the comp, until far too late, therefore i didn’t get to plug it in time. I don’t enjoy being last, because i like bedrooms, i like nuts and i’m a babe….right?

Anyway, this is my way of getting you darling gods of sexuality to Vote for ME to be your FAVOURITE bedroom babe, because i’m coming last (stop laughing) and i need all the help i can get over the weekend to get me in first place. You can vote as many times as possible and i only have the weekend, up until Monday Afternoon to do it in. (Oops)

Go to the link, Click and Vote for ‘Chrissie ‘  and well, we’ll all be happy and ‘Ooh laa.’ Bottom line, i’d just really appreciate it innit.  *winky pout* You can vote more than once…. Please do. You’ve done so well so far in a day. I mean i didn’t even have a line a going, the other day.

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