Now, let’s talk dating!


Well to start off with i’ll tell you that Christmas has been AMAZING! It’s been this Wunnaful whirl of work, play and family and when you have all that, you’re lucky. The babies got everything they wanted. I cooked the dinner this year for my folks, it was presents galore, that i wrapped whilst drunky and i even managed to venture out and have some fun, fun, old school party time. I loved it, but i got far too sozzled and ended up at the local club, where you feet stick to the floor, flirting with minors and turning up for work the next morning, only to get SENT HOME within the FIRST HOUR because i was too hungover! HAHAHA I had the best time out, even though ‘Biggies’ ended up being my final destination and i was surrounded by good friends, who all seemed hot by the end of the night. πŸ˜‰

I think because i worked sooo hard over the last couple months, i just wanted a blow out and that’s what i did. Yeah, I got a bit bollocked for it, not by work, but by my Mum. Work was lovely because not only did i get sent home to nurture myself, but the next day i felt AMAZING, meaning i was on top form. In fact, such top form that I offered to lunge myself through a netting machine…which if you didn’t know is some giant sliver cylinder that nets up real Christmas trees. I went through this machine of nettery…and ended up coming out the other end looking like a condom. It wasn’t as fun as I had hoped…simply because I volunteered. Things like that are only fun when you force people through such, against their will. The rest of the day was sent bantering, nattering, trying to get people to slutty dance off with me and flirting by bacon.

I’m loving life right now and i hope you are tooo! I’m recovering, dying for Β massage, loving being Mummy and back to work. I can’t do anything for New Years simply because I have to clock into work the next morning. But i’m feeling young again and fun again. All work is no fun without some great play. And i earnt my keep this year!

Other than all the party, presents and dinners, swirled in work…I managed to meet up with my old friend Emily for coffee on Boxing day, (she did the Ann Summers show with me) and well i needed to see her whilst she was back, not only because i love her…yet also because she was coming armed with her new partner, her new piece of ‘handsome’..who she..wait for it…met on Tinder!!! Tinder wedding bells much! Lol

They’re a great couple and it sort of gave me hope. Now, i don’t feel sad about being single. I am naturally an attention whore and i’ll naturally find boys if i need them. πŸ™‚ (It’s my inner Hollywood.) It takes a lot for me to like someone that’s the ‘forever’ kind of someone, so even though i had joined Tinder…i kinda tossed it off with a ‘i’m too shallow for this’ attitude…before Emily and Mark (that’s her beau) suggested i have another crack at it. So i did…and it’s working.

Now, I NEVER online date and because my inbox terrifies me on normal days, let alone when i’m inviting men in. So, i tampered on Tinder and was matched up with a good few… Some i liked, some i liked more than others. Yet everyone on there is chatting to so many people that it’s hard to find the right match. Well, I find it hard and i don’t enjoy too much choice, as it puts me off the menu. HAHA. Yet the more you do it, the more skilled you become at it…and that’s not just dating or boys, because i’m awesome at both subjects, but more the skill of ONLINE DATING that i need to learn and conquer. It’s a whole other pair of balls. I don’t find it as sexy. But it’s interesting, as i’ve spoken to some great guys and some great plonkers, some wonderful truth tellers and some hardcore bullshitters. HAHAHA. And whereas i couldn’t read them before because i was an online dating virgin…even just as easy as today…i now get the game! πŸ™‚ I mean, i was shocking at it the last couple months..and truly innocently believed all that I was told. But i wised up and it got great.

So now, I feel powerful and to be super dooper honest…i’ve chatted to really great boys. I adore folk in general and gents are something that I love…so it’s fun. And i do actually believe that within all that, i’ll find him. I actually feel great! πŸ™‚

So, yeah, Em’s was right, once you get good at it all…you’ll find dating a breeze, as now i can banter and thumb through the good from the bad immediately…and still keep a smile on my face and the chitter chatter pleasant. I don’t keep talking to the ones that just aren’t for me. But I’m liking being a champion at this online malarky now , yet you’ve got to be careful because half of the guys on these sites are just out for wanks, or late night talks with girls…have wives or girlfriends…and..well you’ll know straight away…especially when you or they arrange a meet up.

I now, call them out on everything and immediately get the cold shoulder or the Houdini act. PAHAHA. But, like i said, away from all that there are some AMAZING gentlemen that i’ve chatted to of recent.

So yes, I think my new year is about dating. Even if you end up with no connection…you’ve made some really great friends, mixed in with experience. Dates are fun. This new year…i’m doing them. I’d rather take something on that quit things. πŸ™‚ But it’s certainly much better for any boy to snag a bit of ‘Wunna’ if they already know me or they work by me, or are submersed in my real life and simply because i already trust them, know them and well they’re easily accessible.

I know what i want, i know exactly what i’m looking for and the great thing is that even if you’re bantering with loads of boys or chicks or whatever you’re doing…the right match will stick around and come through shining, when the bundle and masses have gotten bored or have dropped off the radar. Lol. If i like a guy, he’ll know i like him. I’ll make the effort to like him. If i don’t…then he’ll feel it. And it’s the same the other way around.

So this year of blogging is going to be fun…as the blog will follow my dating experiences. Respectfully…ofcourse; πŸ™‚ So, let’s see how I do! I mean, I might go on one day and adore them..and therefore it’s all perfectly dandy. Or i might venture on dozens and hate them..which could always happen, in Wunnaland. πŸ™‚ In LA, i used to date loads so much that I was awesome at it. Β Out here, i expect to go on a date, the guy adore me and then we end up doing forever, just like that! Lol. And that’s wrong. Like, I said i’m looking for that best buddy of a companion to just do life with! πŸ™‚

I mean, i’ve already got called ‘beautiful’ and a ‘plank’ today and by a weirdo who Houdini’ed once he got called out. πŸ™‚ I love it! It’s buzzing. πŸ™‚ AND there’s something about that situation that ties in neatly with another..So I’m LAUGHING. I just don’t get why boys make it harder on themselves. No, not just boys…everyone.

If you like someone, go on a date with them…tell them you do and just get on with being ace together. The game of it all is boring. But with this whole online thing, you kinda have to treat it like a game, before you manage to make it the real deal.

I can’t wait!!!

So, stay tuned!!!

Ps/ I’ve got to go get ready, as Keiran’s coming over for Baby Junior in an hour, which is always pleasant these days. I mean, we went through a lot of anger last year with one another, but these days, it all seems quite merry. We’re still very much a family unit, even after separation..and well if he actually wanted to make it better…he would’ve… ages ago. I do think that in his heart he’d want his family as one…However, for now, ‘Novelty Daddy’ he’ll play. He’s a massive part of our family, I mean my Mum and Dad regard him as a son…and we’ve oddly grown up together emotionally. But i think when it comes to me, his security blanket…he’s a being who sits back and see’s what occurs naturally and i’m the opposite. I’m a human who creates opportunities…i love fresh, expressive…emotion. I’m a doer.

PPS/ Last year, i did a lot for other people. This year is about doing whats right FOR ME! πŸ™‚

Cya Dolls.

Love you! *Wink..Wiggle.*




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