Not very Zen

It’s funny how i’ve been ‘Miss. Inspirational’ blog writer this morning, as i’ve felt quite enraged and narked off, for the majority of the afternoon. Hurrah! I’m quite a stubborn girlie, and i hate to feel like i’m being manipulated in any way. If i get the smallest ‘inkling’ at all, that i’m being pushed or tricked into doing something, i don’t want to do, (especially if the person KNOWS i hate doing it) or if i feel there’s any injustice in a certain situation, then i’m going to be mega PISSED OFF! I stick to my guns always. I’m not even nearly a ‘wishy washy wank bed’ and basically my darling EGO is not one to be reckoned with….like ever. I’m quite tolerant, and laid back, so if i’m not wanting to do something and you’ve crossed the line, or are completely taking the ‘Mickey’ (when it comes to manipulation,) you’re gonna need a donkey, a shot gun, and a bottle of champagne to make me even make me half blink….and i’ll still bite ya head off, hit you with hammers and smear you in butter, at that!!

I’m not being very Zen right now? But whatever someone tried to trick me today. When i say ‘someone,’ i do mean my ‘mother.’ It’s a crappy combination….’mother and tricking.’ Now she’s being all ‘huffy puffy’ because she didn’t get her own wicked way. I’m not bothered, as ofcourse, i got mine!! (Wait my phone’s ringing!)

Oh my GOD!! It was a ‘good news’ phone call. Woo-hoo!! I can’t tell you too much, but i can tell you i’m officially and quite happily, ‘mentally stable.’ It gave me a rush of excitement. Good news, is always my ‘happy place,’ it makes me forget all the stuff i was grumbling about. I’m still having to keep my fingers and toes crossed though, but at least i’ve stepped one rung higher, up the Ladder of Greatness. It’s better than hurtling down a muddy mound of crapola. So as of right now, i am ALL smiles and ready to show the world what i’m made of. Thank God for that phonecall. I would’ve been a proper misery guts otherwise. I have to go, my Mother is still giving me ‘Death Stares.’ I need to wind her up a bit more.

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  1. im pleased u had a good phone call to cheer u up and make u happy chrisie coz the beginning of the blog u sounded like u where writtnig the blog with a face like a slapped arse


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