Not so fast…


GOD!! Why can’t any do their fricking JOB! It’s sooo annoying. I’m havin one of those merry days of vent, due to be being terribly exhausted with companies and well people not being able to make an important return phonecall, process financial information properly, mail things out on time, deliver ‘paid for’ material, get account details correctly, do as they promised they would, excell in their place of work or just function in an appropriate manner, making MY LIFE much much easier, meaning that Wunna Land time is NOT wasted on chasing good folk (who haven’t managed to appropriately function in their area of expertise) around in order to cream over a ‘hiccup’ and create a solution. ANNOYING! (I’m currently all stressed out due to an actual lovely man named ‘Tarik’ popping over to my patio door, after i saw him wondering around my garden, by a shed and having a mildy heated conversation about how i’m not Mr. ly, how i have no clue who Mr. ly is…AND why my bank details were not appropriately noted…in order to make an account run smoothly.)

Apparently if you sleep on the left hand side of the bed (and i do) you’ve meant to be cheery and well today, i am certainly NOT.

My body is all an achey, i’m stressed, i’m tired, i have a bruise on my face that the lovely Estee Lauder Gods have managed to conceal and well i feel as though i’m taking this bizarre ‘bumpy-bruisey’ rocky path of ‘gerrump,’ along the arrows of pretty life, (fun) when all i want is a happy and somewhat delicious cozy satin glide. Yeah, i’m aware it’s just a phase, but everytime i feel like i should, or i am over the moon with ‘yeehaaa’…the Good Lord, looks down on me and with a ‘not so fast little one’ fucks with me, for a bit of a laugh and a bit of a tickle. UGH!

I think i need a bit of cherishing and to feel adored once more, calm and delighted. I want to be treated, meeted and fairly wiggled with glee. My heads all a fuzz and i’d give anything to have it all cleared out and oozed.

I have plenty to be happy about, yet the niggly things that get to you, are always the most annoying.

I have every faith that i will shortly get back to normal. Yet probably not without wine and a whole lot of grooming. I mean i don’t even feel ‘yummy’ anymore. I feel all haggered plain, unattractive and down. I guess i need to find a way to shake off my case of ‘da blues.’

I’m taking the time today to unwind. I am soooo massively annoyed. UGH!!!!!!

 (Half and hour later)

Okay..i’m a bit more cheery now and probably because i ‘blogged’ it out. I forgot to tell you (and don’t worry, this part is quite fairytale) i had a perfect little moment last night. After a bit of spicy chicken and garlic bread, my lovely ‘Handsome Keiran’ and I had a romantic ‘slow dance’ under the chandelier, in the middle of the living room, out of love yesterday evening. I remember looking in the mirror at him and thinking we were perfect.I guess it’s those moments that make everything fairytale. I love it….then we went back to watching vampires. 🙂 )

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