No Treble, Love and a Hero

Worked all day. Prepped for Christmas in my head. Bought more shoes online and the appalling grammar that i used in the last blog, that i actually wrote half asleep in the dark. Hah. I was so exhausted that i was nodding of with every punch of my keyboard. I’m certainly working hard, but it’s worth it, as that way i get to wiggle up that success ladder a bit more and well…when it comes to my birthday on FRIDAY, Christmas and New Year, i’ll have a bit more of a break, meaning Wunna can have FUN. I am DYING FOR FUN. It’s dying to BURST OUT OF ME, like flames from a dragons saucy booty.

Another bollocky thing, was that, as soon as i got home…i checked my email, checked my Skype (remember that I had been waiting on calls) and i’d missed the one that I had been waiting for about fifteen minutes…which is the most annoying thing ever. But what can you do. I called back. Left a ‘hey’ and that was it. Ho hum. Next time. Annoying, that I keep missing the call. C’est la vie.

To be honest, I always feel as though there are loads of ways to contact me. LOADS. Shit loads. So, if a being really wanted to…they’d find it pretty easy to get in touch. I mean, ‘hate mailers’ seem to find it the easiest thing ever and they’ve got the worst taste in glamour pusses and no working brains between the lot of them. 😉 Most people can figure out a way to ‘get in touch’ pronto. Right? I think so. *Hip bump…Pout…Hair toss…’

Anyway, away from that, you know life is good, when your friend ‘Booty’ finds themselves piddling their merry self with laughter, at the fact that you’ve just pulled sad, over eyelashes, perfectly cheek boned ‘dolly’ faces and shouted out…


Life is good. I’m feeling full, whole and happy. I can’t wait until it’s my birthday, but for the first year in AGES, i won’t be getting surprised. I mean call me a ‘Princess,’ lol, but it feels odd. 🙂

Even though i’m all W.O.MA.N ‘hear me roar,’ I think there’s this weird sort of innocence to me. This ‘little girl’ syndrome that i’m lucky enough to have. Well, i count it as lucky. You might not, but ah well, my glass is half full. *Giggle..Wiggle.*

Like there’s this little girl in me who adores romance, to be treated, love and fairytales. Yet i’m also very strong, vixen like and feisty. It’s bizarre. I’m kinda a bit of everything. Ryan, this guy who i used to date in LA, who turned all insecure…and forget to tell me that he had a girlfriend when he dated me…then left his girlfriend for me…then freaked himself out with insecurity and felt that I didn’t adore him…used to tell me, (whilst sat in some black car in West Hollywood) that ‘the package was good.’ HAHAHA. And i don’t even mean that rudey. I mean, he used to look at me and say, ‘Chrissie, with you…the whole package is good, because you’re a little bit of everything that every man wants.’ Ronnie, who i named one of my lash styles after used to say that it was combination of me being ‘sexy and slutty looking, but at the same time actually pretty.’ LOL…With me also being ‘fun, loud and obnoxious, yet quiet serious and together.’ 🙂

I want to date a smart guy. A clever one. One that’s ready to love,. He see’s my substance and is filled with hero traits, adoration for me, wholeness, happiness and strength. He’s driven, together, romantic and delightful. He works hard, but knows what matters in life. Someone who’s a great role model…an unbroken being….just a really awesome human. I seem to always have a ‘younger than me’ partner…don’t I? But i don ‘t mind that. I’m quite young at heart…which is a decorative way of saying immature. So it works for me. Plus, if i like a boy, he must be delicious. An oldie might not cut the mustard. LOL Not that mustard gets cut.


I turn 34 in THREE DAYS!

I wish I was in the depths of the luxury cabin in the forest, hot tubbing with a champers. I haven’t been to the forest in AGES. I used to go five times a year!

I guess, being a grown up, work and single mumming it, took precedence. Lol. At least i still enjoy a wine!

Love you,

Wish me luck..

Wunna x



But yes, I can’t wait for my birthday. I’d like others to spoil me, instead of me just spoling myself. Yet whatever, I wave the flag for independant kittens all across the globe.


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